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The Accident – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘In the space of only a few seconds, Michael Fitzpatrick knew that impact was inevitable.  His heart rate accelerated and his breathing became shallow as he used his hands on the steering wheel of his sports car as a brace, pushing his upper body into the driver’s seat, anticipating the opposite forces to come.  He was able to see the driver of the Mercedes he was about to strike for only a moment and, if asked, would only be able to say that the driver was a woman with blond hair.  The event, in his opinion, was moving at warp speed as first the bumper, then the hood of his car, made impact with a force that broke the morning stillness with metal bending metal, rendering the type of noise where one knows for a certainty something bad has just happened without having to have witnessed it. ‘  Michael Fitzpatrick is the son of Francis Fitzpatrick, Congressman from the 9th Congressional District of Massachusetts.  Congressman Fitzpatrick is also the author of a bill referred to as “Faith for Life”.  The bill states the right of the unborn to the full protection of the Constitution to include every federal law related to every US citizens to the extent that no state law can override it.  In short – abortion is murder.  The lady in the Mercedes that Michael has just driven his car into is Jessica Billington-Bracketon, wife of John Brackton, one of the largest political backers in the city.  To top it off, Jessica is pregnant and loses her baby during the wreck.   Was the wreck an accident caused by the possibility that Michael had been drinking?  Was it due to there being black ice on the roads and Michael simply lost control?  No matter the reason, John Brackton is determined to have Michael prosecuted for the death of his unborn child.   As the real “facts” come out in the story of The Accident, I find myself being torn between who should really be on trial.  There is the reporter who lies to get whatever he needs to make an exposure.  There is the Representative Sullivan who wants the congressman’s seat and will do just about anything to acquire that seat, as long as his own skeletons stay in the closet.  And there is Jessica herself who was actually heading for a very confidential appointment when the accident occurred.  So, as the truths are exposed, how will the jury vote.  Will they find Michael guilty or innocent in the murder of the Bracketon’s unborn child?   This book is a real page flipper.  I wanted it to end but wanted it to keep going too.  2010All Things That Matter Press228 pagesISBN# 978-0-9846154-5-2
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