And the Beat Goes On – Tracy L. Krauss, Author

August 13, 2010 at 10:36 pm (Uncategorized)

And the Beat Goes on – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

His crew had been meticulously digging under the site of an ancient temple – a sacred site stringently protected by the government of Zimbabwe.  The temple site itself had been unearthed decades before, but legend had led to speculation that an even older civilization had once used the spot.  Mark had been honored when asked to assemble a team of specialists to investigate the possibilities without compromising the original excavations.  It was painstaking work.  But already, after only five months, the team was rewarded with signs that the legends were indeed rooted in fact.  Under the temple mount they had discovered an even more ancient burial ground with an intricate system of tombs that seemed oddly more technologically advanced than the layer of simple graves directly above it.  This wasn’t entirely unexpected; history often bespoke of a more barbarous people supplanting a superior civilization.  But there was more… so much more.  There was a sense that they were on the verge of something big – monumental, even.’

Dr. Mark Graham and his team of archaeologists have made a discovery that would re-write history as we know it today.  Not only would they be able to prove that earth was younger than historians believe but they would also be able to prove that prehistoric creatures and man did exist together, creating a large gap in the theory of evolution.

Raised in a Christian family, Mark believes in the Bible, but due to his scientific mind, he has doubts regarding how the earth and man actually evolved.  With the finding of a tomb holding a human giant as well as the wing bones of a pterodactyl, his belief and theory start to dissolve.  With the sediment found around the grave, there are even signs of a possible flood taking place many years before.  And if the calculations are correct, this flood was none other than the great flood that covered the whole earth during the days of Noah.  But, there are those who will stop at nothing to prevent these finds from being shared as well as those who will stop at nothing to make sure they are shared.  So, as Mark’s scientific mind begins to change and grow with new ideas, so do the problems preventing him from going public, leaving him in a position of not trusting anyone, including his own team.  And as his faith in God grows, the problems get worse.

As I read And the Beat Goes On, I became aware of how scientists can, and I’m sure have, played down the Bible’s teaching of the creation of earth, man and all of God’s creatures.  I take the Bible as my history book.   I can also see how a find such as the one talked about in this book would stir up some real problems.  It would actually require that history and science books be rewritten.  Could it be possible that finds such as this really have been found?  Have they been withheld from the public?

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