Magical Workings, A Beginners Guide to the Use of Real Witchcraft by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

October 9, 2009 at 3:44 pm (Magic, old world, witchcraft) (, , , , , , )

Magical Workings, The Beginner’s Guide to the use of Real Witchcraft by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc. As I read this book by the wonderful Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, I thought about all of the negative things which have been said about Witches for years – even centuries.

  From the time they were burned and tortured in the dark ages and during the Salem Witch trials until even now. Ms. Scoyoc’s book is not a step by step how to guide for those who wish to persue the craft. It is a road map for those who wish to find their own way. As she so aptly states the “magic” is from with in. No potions, spells or any other thing that is associated with the craft can make things happen.

   I also choose to follow my own path. So I could relate to this book very well. The craft is not something one learn’s either the person has it or they don’t.

 Magical Workings is a great book for  those who are looking for something different who choose not to follow the norm and who rely on their own inner workings.

 Great job, deserving of five potions.


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