Stir, Laugh, Repeat – Review

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I received your book –it’s great!! I love the cover–its got a beautiful energy and the colors, title and subtitle all work really well together!

“I grew up in a restaurant that my grandparents owned. When I received Martha’s book my mom was visiting; she picked it up and proceeded to read every story to me while we both belly laughed. Stir, Laugh, Repeat is filled with delicious, simple recipes all topped off with Martha’s secret ingredient-her amazing sense of humor!”

Laura Duksta
Author, New York Times Best Seller, I Love You More

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June Shaw Brings Killer Cousins to the Reader World

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Cealie Gunther arrives in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, at the frantic urging of her semi-psychic cousin Stevie Midnight, who says she’s terrified and needs Cealie’s help. Trouble is, she won’t say why, and she and Cealie never got along well. Besides, Cealie owns a copyediting agency and can’t protect anyone. But she will try to help a family member. Cealie realizes she has made a big mistake once she arrives in Stevie’s backyard and trips over a body. Her cousin swears she doesn’t know the man. Cealie’s cousin acts stranger as she goes through withdrawals from quitting smoking. Cealie wants to leave, but police won’t let her until they learn what happened to the man she fell on.

Another major problem facing widowed Cealie is her hunky sometimes-ex lover Gil Thurman, who arrives to open his newest Cajun Delights restaurant. Cealie thinks she wants to resist Gil so she can rediscover herself, but he creates sparks and she is so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men.

Cealie feels a need to help her cousin remain healthy and alive, and snoops into her cousin’s Stop Smoking Group, where more people die. More than chandeliers hang from rafters, and even a parish priest hides secrets.

This heartwarming blend mixes suspense and murder with love and quirky characters. 

 June Shaw




“Killer Cousins is great! In the ‘a la mode’ of Agatha Christie, Miss Marple, and onward. Grab it up when you hop on a plane–it will take you for a ride.”  New York Times Bestselling Author Heather Graham


“June Shaw’s Killer Cousins is like a bowl of spicy Gumbo, delicious until the last bite and leaves you wanting more.”  Barbara Colley, author of the Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series


“Fans of June Shaw’s first book, Relative Danger, with be delighted with this sequel, KILLER COUSINS.  Sexy Cealie is back with new and old friends. It’s a keeper!”

–Lorna Barrett, New York Times bestselling author of the Booktown Mysteries


“If you haven’t yet met Cealie Gunther and her wacky cousin Stevie, you’re in for a real treat.  Sit back, relax and enjoy June Shaw’s newest cozy KILLER COUSINS–and wait until you read that first line.  It’ll hook you right in and won’t let you go.  An amusing and intriguing read throughout.”  L. C. Hayden, author of WHEN CASEY HAD TO DIE, an Agatha Finalist for Best Novel


June Shaw back with ‘Killer Cousins’

Thibodaux La.’s June Shaw, who introduced widow Cealie Gunther in the mystery Relative Danger, brings the sleuth back, this time in Gatlinburg, Tenn., in her latest thriller Killer Cousins.

Cealie’s been trying to find herself, so to speak, which is why she’s sworn off Louisiana lover Gil Thurman and headed for Mexico. Cealie stops in Gatlinburg when her candle-burning, crystal-wearing cousin Stevie Midnight insists she is in danger and in need of her cousin’s assistance. Before Cealie can cross Stevie’s threshold and inquire as to her fear, she stumbles over a dead man’s body in the front yard.

Shaw has lots of fun with her mysteries, and you will, too. It’s a laughable romp with some eccentric characters – and a few spicy Cajun dishes thrown in, too.  –

Chere Coen – The Daily Advertiser


Cealie and her her cousin Stevie argue, while investigating group members to determine who is applying the Christie story And Then There Were None.


Relentless amateur sleuths world at solving a murder mystery, middle age dieting, and controlling the cigarette addiction.  June Shaw provides a fine Tennessee cozy.

 Harriet Klausner


“This book is a gumbo of wry wit and deadpan humor—rollicking good fun!”
-Ken Wells, author of Meely LaBauve



Cealie Gunther makes me laugh out loud!  I highly recommend this book.—

Dawn Doodle – Mystery Lovers Corner


 KILLER COUSINS is June Shaw’s second book. From the great first line (My day would have started much better if I hadn’t tripped over a body.) to the Cajun recipes and advice on stopping smoking, this book is a fun romp. The characters are kooky and the plot twists over and over again. Who was that blow-up doll I saw you hanging out with last night? To find out what that means, you’ll have to read the book.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Caryl Harvey, I Love a Mystery

Review by Armchair Interviews: Killer Cousins, June Shaw’s second mystery, is a charming story. Grandmother Cealie Gunther is tricked into visiting her eccentric cousin Stevie, whom she has never really gotten along with, in Tennessee.

Killer Cousins has several interesting characters and issues that all women can easily relate to. Cealie is one of the most interesting grandmas around. With all of the main characters being in their “golden years,” I wasn’t expecting the story to have so many issues that I could relate to. I was interested to see what these ladies were dealing with–and many are the same dating and life issues a 20-something person deals with.

June Shaw,
KILLER COUSINS – “Killer Cousins is great! In the ‘a la mode` of Agatha Christie and
onward!” –  N.Y. Times Best-selling author Heather Graham
RELATIVE DANGER – “humorous…suspenseful”  Publishers Weekly

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