Author Eleanor Murphy Brings Her Readers “Love Unforgetable”

September 2, 2009 at 8:14 pm (romance, Suspense Novels) (, , , , , , , )

stcroix series 168Tamika has the hots for Jay, but Jay has only eyes for Melissa.
Tamika surprises Jay, with news, that after their one night stand, she is pregnant
with his babies.  She is having twins.
Jay does not know how to tell Melissa, that is is going to be a father.  Especially
since he is not in love with the mother to be.  Jay and Melissa, takes a trip to Barbados,and Jay asks Melissa to marry him.
When they get back to new York from their trip, Melissa finds out she too is pregnant.  Jay is forced to tell Melissa about the baby, before Tamika c confronts Melissa.  How will Melissa take the news?  And is Tamika ready to be a mother to her twins?  Can Jay handle being a father too three babies…………………………………………..

Bio: Eleanor I Murphy
I grew up in St. Croix Virgin Islands, and attended
college in the mainland.  After graduation, I joined the work force, and started my thirty year career with Department of State.
After thirty years of service I decided to retire and fulfill my dreams.  Writing is one of them. 
Love Unforgettable is my first romance novel published, I am working on the sequel.  I have another book coming out in the fall “Rojo Flames”


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