Dream Catcher, Failure Was Never An Option and Brilliant Insanity are Both on Amazon Kindle’s Best Seller List

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Front Cover newEditorial Reviews Product Description Marion Lewis Reinhart, an androgynous serial killer, has five days to live before he is put to death by lethal injection. Due to the severity and mysterious nature of his crimes, he has been given permission to tell the world his side of the story. Not the story told in court, the real story. Reinhart has his own agenda. He believes he was justified in his quest for terrible retribution and he wants to share his truth. His web of lies, twisted facts, and narcissistic story telling hides a truth more shocking than any of his murders. ——————————————————————————– Product Details Format: Kindle Edition File Size: 201 KB Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited Publisher: Kerlak Publishing; 1st,Unabridged edition edition (October 1, 2008) Sold by: Amazon Digital Services Language: English ASIN: B00267SWG4 Average Customer Review: 5 Reviews 5 star: (5) 4 star: (0) 3 star: (0) 2 star: (0) 1 star: (0) › See all 5 customer reviews… 5.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (5 customer reviews) Amazon.com Sales Rank: #114,672 in Kindle Store (See Bestsellers in Kindle Store) Popular in this category: (What’s this?)

 #23 in Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Graphic Novels & Manga > Graphic Novels > Mystery Would you like to give feedback on images?



Dream Catcher new CoverProduct Details

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Silent Scream is in the Top One Hundred on Amazon Kindle in Two Catagories

September 30, 2009 at 9:14 pm (Books by Yvonne Mason, Crime Novels, True Crime)

New Front Cover from Debi DeSantasProduct Details

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Genies in bottles are only in the fairytales kids…


In this one-of-a-kind book, 4th generation Witch (not Wiccan!) and Wise Woman, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc gives a tongue-in-cheek and no holds barred view of how the world of REAL witchcraft works.


Not for those with egos or those who think they have all the answers and are on the only path anyone should follow, this book will leave you angry and your ego bruised…but you’ll find yourself unapologetically well-informed.


A necessity for any true witch looking to get back to their roots, those who have been misguided and those who want to know how the Craft REALLY works!


Available exclusively via Lulu.com at:




and via Amazon Kindle at:



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Identity Crisis by Author Debbi Mack

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Identity Crisis_ Book CoverIDENTITY CRISIS introduces attorney Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae. A simple domestic abuse case turns deadly when the alleged abuser is killed and Sam’s client disappears. When a friend asks Sam to find Melanie Hayes, the Maryland attorney is drawn into a complex case of murder and identity theft that has her running from the Mob, breaking into a strip club and forming a shaky alliance with an offbeat private investigator to discover the truth about Melanie and her ex-boyfriend.

With her career and life on the line, Sam’s search takes her from the blue-collar Baltimore suburbs to the mansions of Gibson Island. Along the way, she learns that false identities can hide dark secrets, and those secrets can destroy lives.






Debbi Mack has worked as an attorney, a news wire reporter for Dow Jones and a reference librarian with the Federal Trade Commission. IDENTITY CRISIS is her first novel. Her short stories have appeared in the CHESAPEAKE CRIMES mystery anthology and in The Back Alley, an online publication at http://BackAlleyWebzine.com. She will also have a short story featured in CHESAPEAKE CRIMES 4, to be published by Wildside Press in March 2010. Along with writing crime fiction, Debbi works as a freelance writer/researcher and a volunteer awareness advocate for dystonia, a rare movement disorder. A native of Queens , New York , Debbi and her husband live in Columbia , Maryland with their three cats.


From MidWest Book Review, January 2006.
“In this quick moving novel we meet Sam McRae, an attorney who is about to have her life shifted in ways she never imagined when her domestic case turns into a murder investigation and somehow she is smack in the middle of it. Attorney turns investigator in this swift moving adventurous read with curving twists and winding mystery that literally leave you scratching your head and wondering just who is the villain.

“Author, Debbi Mack, does a great job drawing you into the lives of her characters with vivid description of their physical appearance, their emotional conflicts and yet keeps you in the shadows trying to figure out what part they play in the murder and mystery set before you.

“A very good read awaits you in this work and perhaps the thought that you too could have your identity stolen and the ramifications could be deadly. This was a smart move on the author to use a problem that we all can identify with and work it so well into a top-notch mystery read. Great book, recommended.”

Shirley Johnson
Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review

From New Mystery Reader, September 2005.
“Samantha McRae is a young public defender whose normal cases are DUIs, petty theft or internal family discord. However, one such client takes her on a car chase, a run-in with the mob, and encounters with several branches of federal law enforcement as well as the local police.

“An ordinary seeming girl who works in a bank disappears when her ex-boyfriend is found dead. The police and feds are looking for her and after a thorough questioning by them, Sam is also on the hunt for her client.

Sam checks all the places the girl is likely to be and doesn’t find her so after a call that alerts her the girl is heading west, she sets off to follow the bus she’s on. Unfortunately, the mob and a private detective are following Sam.

“This is a story with plenty of action, a well-drawn plot and a set of interesting characters. Talented Debbi Mack lets the reader step into the shoes of an ordinary public defender and experience the excitement and danger of a case that is far from ordinary. Recommended as a fun read.


Anne K. Edwards


From Mystery Lover’s Corner, February 2006.

“Sam McRae takes on a simple domestic abuse case. But it turns out to be anything but simple.

“A friend asks Sam to find Melanie Hayes. This pulls Sam into a case with identity theft and murder. She even finds herself running from the mob. She makes an alliance with an offbeat PI in her attempt at getting the truth about Melanie and her boyfriend.

“When she finds Melanie, Sam has to convince her to trust Sam. Then Sam has to find a way to keep Melanie safe until everything can be cleared up. This isn’t always easy.

“The story is set in and around Baltimore. There are many twists and turns in the plot that will keep you guessing right up to the end. I really enjoyed this book and found it hard to put it down.

“I highly recommend you read this book. I can’t wait for the next Sam McRae mystery.”

Dawn Dowdle


From Roundtable Reviews, September 2005.

“Identity Crisis grips you from the first page. Sam is a likeable heroine–smart, feisty and determined.”

Author reviews:

“When I think identity theft, I groan. I think paperwork, phone calls to banks, boring people looking up information. Absolutely NOT the case with Debbi Mack’s Identity Crisis.

“Identity Crisis is not just about identity theft- it’s also a murder mystery and mob story, a trifecta of entertainment. The novel follows Sam McRae, a struggling private attorney handling what should be a simple domestic abuse case. When her client, the domestic violence victim, is suspected of murdering the abuser, Sam is determined to clear her name. Not such an easy thing, with a long list of suspects.

“Sam is an engaging character, flawed but with a good heart. I would have liked to have learned even more about her, and am glad to hear there are more books in the series to come.

“Just as engaging as the characters, Debbi Mack uses her settings like another character in her book. I have never been to Baltimore, but I could see the neighborhoods, the city, and even the diners as if I was there.

“With an intriguing plot that seems to be one thing and ends up being another, the book is like a treasure hunt, with clues left like bread crumbs until the surprise whodunnit is revealed. This is a good read, one to keep on your shelf to read again so you can realize what you missed the first time around.”

— Holli Castillo

Author of Gumbo Justice

“If you enjoy realistic legal thrillers—and dread the thought of ‘identity theft’ striking home—Identity Crisis will be a genuine treat. Debbi Mack has used her own experience as an attorney to craft a twisty yet completely credible plot. And her protagonist, Stephanie Ann ‘Sam’ McRae, is a perfect example of what every client should hope for in an advocate: a professional who’s willing to take risks both inside AND outside the courtroom.”

— Jeremiah Healy

Author of Rescue, Turnabout and The Only Good Lawyer

“Identity Crisis is a well-written and well-plotted mystery which introduces lawyer-sleuth Sam McRae. She’s an exciting new protagonist mystery readers will want to get to know.”

— Louise Titchener

Author of Malpractice, Burned in Baltimore and Buried in Baltimore

Identity Crisis is available for sale online, in print and as an e-book, from Lulu.com at http://www.lulu.com/content/3923913. Lulu often runs 10% off specials, for customers who use the proper discount code at checkout, so check Debbi’s blog at http://midlistlife.wordpress.com/ for the latest news on these specials and that month’s promotional code.

Her Web site is http://www.debbimack.com and her blog is http://midlistlife.wordpress.com.

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It’s Ground Zero – The Mammalian Way By Gary James

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The Mammalian Way“It’s ground zero for everything in relationships” is one readers comment about the merits of the information conveyed within the pages of the book titled, “The Mammalian Way”.

 Author Gary James who is characterized as a “Social Theorist” has constructed an original theory that arguably puts forth a more complete paradigm of what are the true tenets of behavioral psychology within the realm of the social sciences.

The hole that Gary James’ theory fills is in the fact we humans tend to discount the deeply powerful effect our own mammalian instincts have upon our everyday social behavior as we interact on a human to human basis.

 The discount refers to a typical assumption made by many people that claims our own ““cognitive development”, a major aspect of the human mind that indeed “separates” us from the other mammals” is a powerful enough force to offset the more primal drives human’s possess that are basically the same as all the other mammals.

 However, Gary James’ theory maintains that these drives are instinctive drives and because of our ever increasing unsafe world they act as a psychological defense mechanism as they exert an ever increasing intense pressure upon our everyday social behavior as we interact with each other, especially when we interact with the opposite gender, and even more especially where having sex can become a factor.

 In other words it’s the relationship factor that is the main reason people are interested in reading the material. The book’s cover will remind you of a cover used to attract a reader to a “romance novel”. In fact, much of the book is written in that style of writing in that there are a number of juicy anecdotes and other stories that Gary James uses as examples and applications of how the theory can be put to use in our everyday lives. They are situations and scenarios that you have perhaps lived through yourself or imagine yourself in the shoes of another. Given the juiciness of the stories these sections of the book are for “mature readers only” and not recommended for children.

Moreover, there is a section of the book that conveys the theory itself in a more clinical fashion and in that the book can also serve as a reference source for every licensed professional who offers therapy for various types of relationships as it relates to behavioral psychology.    

 In all relationships “The Mammalian Way”™ can prevail, and so knowledge of how it operates on each gender becomes a must for anyone who might contemplate entering into any form of relationship. Romantic interest or not, it is the best way to find and keep a safer relationship. For a further description of the book or to order go to http://www.themammalianway.com

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Florida Author Yvonne Mason’s Brilliant Insanity Nominated for Best Book Cover in USA Book News

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New Cover for prlogYvonne Mason’s Brilliant Insanity has been nominated in USA Book News for best book cover under Mystery and Suspense. Brilliant Insanity published by Kerlak Publishing was released in the fall of 2008. It is the story of a serial killer in Fort Pierce, Florida who is sitting on death row and wants to talk about why he did what he did how he feels he is the victim. This books takes the reader into the mind of the serial killer as it is told in first person. It makes the reader see the crimes in first person and holds the reader spell bound as he tells his tale to a rookie journalist who has no idea who she was chosen over the more seasoned ones.

    The journey into the crimes and the last days of the killer is one that puts the reader on the edge of their seat from the first sentence to the last – making the reader turn the page with abandon.

     Brillinat Insanity can be purchased at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and Ms. Mason’s online store at http://thebookattic.ecrater.com  if purchased from her she will mail it to you signed.

   This is a book that will be enjoyed by those who enjoy a good mystery, crime and murder fiction.

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And on the Surface Die – Lou Allin, Author

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And on the Surface Die

And on the Surface Die – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘”Don’t discount petty-ante crime,” Ben Rodgers, her mentor in The Pas, had told her. “Sometimes they’re part of a bigger picture, and it usually involves drugs. Why steal a CD player you can sell for only a twenty unless you need another fix?” But Ben had made his own fatal error. Their last month together, checking out a stolen car seen at a trailer park, he hadn’t expected the twelve-year-old deaf boy to be holding a rifle instead of an air gun.’

These words were remembered by Holly Martin as she took charge of her first post as a Corporal in Fossil Bay. Fossil Bay, located on the south coast of Vancouver Island, had its fair share of drunk drivers, speeders, theft and as Holly found out on her 1st day of command, an occasional drowning.

Angie Didrickson’s body had been found by a diver while taking underwater photos. Angie, a student of Notre Dame and one of their star swimmers, was on a senior trip. The trip was supervised by teachers in hopes of keeping the drinking and substance abuse to a minimum. But that didn’t seem to stop some of them from slipping out of their tents at night in hopes of a little enjoyment.

And on the Surface Die turned out to be a very enjoyable book. It kept me in suspense, as I tried to determine what really happened to Angie and why. Author Lou Allin added another mystery to the story with the disappearance of Holly’s own mother. She is drawn between her loyalty to her father and the man her mother was apparently seeing behind his back.

One thing that really impressed me with Allin’s style of writing was the way she took one mystery, added another and kept the lines open for a continuation of the story. And I, for one, can’t wait to read what happens next.

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Fatal Encryption by Debra Purdy Kong Gives A Whole New Meaning to the Term Kermit The Frog

September 20, 2009 at 12:43 am (Crime Novels, mystery, Suspense Novels) (, , , , , , , , , , )



Dressed as Kermit the Frog on Halloween night, an unemployed Alex Bellamy wonders where his life went wrong. It could be worse. A few miles away, Coquitlam resident, Zachary Ternoway, is stabbed at his front door. In need of cash, Alex agrees to help catch a computer prankster at McKinleys’ Department Store. But things turn serious when someone vows to permanently encrypt the store’s data and torch the building unless ten million dollars is handed over in two weeks. Alex knows there’s a connection between the murder and the extortion threat, yet time’s running out. People are questioning his competency, and a killer’s threatening his life.


FATAL ENCRYPTION is a corporate caper with plenty of twists and turns, and an assortment of appealing characters to keep you guessing. Debra Purdy Kong’s newest novel offers a well-plotted mystery reminiscent of the classic whodunits. A great beach read!” – Cheryl Kaye Tardif, bestselling author




“A riveting mystery, FATAL ENCRYPTION is highly recommended.” Midwest Book Review


“This is the type of book that makes you long for the next in the series as you approach the end – a page turner with more depth than most.” Julie Ferguson, Author of Book Magic


“Debra Purdy Kong writes with a flair for technology. This is an entertaining read and mystery readers will love it.” Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


“Recommended as a fun read offering a different plot and fun characters.” MysteryFiction.net


Fatal Encryption is available in print at http://tinyurl.com/ddzsxl

Kindle version is available at http://tinyurl.com/lchxrd


Check out the most in-depth review I’ve ever had at http://tinyurl.com/ohg2xk



Debra175gifAUTHOR’S BIO


Award-winning writer, Debra Purdy Kong, is a long-time resident of Port Moody, British Columbia. After earning a diploma in criminology, she began writing short stories while working at various clerical positions. Eventually, she left day-jobs for full-time parenting, some volunteering, and more writing. Once her children were older, she worked in retail while continuing to write. She now works part-time as a communications officer for a security company.


Debra has completed four novels and published more than eighty short stories, essays, and articles for publications that include Chicken Soup for the Bride’s Soul, B.C. Parent Magazine, The Vancouver Sun, Lynx Eye, Orchard Press Mysteries, Crimestalker Casebook, Futures Magazine, and Shred of Evidence. She also writes reviews of books in all genres and posts them on amazon.ca and other locations.


In 2007, she won honorable mention at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference for her short story, “Some Mother’s Child”, and had the great pleasure of receiving her award from Diana Gabaldon and Jack Whyte.


For more information about Debra and her work visit www.debrapurdykong.com,, or visit her blogs at http://writetype.blogspot.com or http://tinyurl.com/dbe5rp

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Tragedy in Tin Can Holler By Rozetta Mowery- A True Crime

September 19, 2009 at 7:32 pm (Crime Novels, Suspense Novels, True Crime)

New Tragedy Cover_01.15.09INTRODUCTION

Did you ever wonder about your parents’, grandparents’ and greatgrandparents’

past? Did you ever wonder about the skeletons that are

hanging in your family closet? Rozetta did! Her father murdered her

mother in a place called Tin Can Holler when she was seven years old.

Her mother’s horrible death and disfi gurement by the hands of her father

always haunted her. She spent over twelve years of her childhood

in abusive foster homes being raised by strangers who did not love her

and was separated from her siblings, while her wealthy grandfather,

whom she did not know, lived in a mansion and had a life of luxury.

Her mother’s love and spirit gave her the courage to overcome the

many obstacles she faced during her lifetime. She was determined to

be normal and prove that even though she came from a place called Tin

Can Holler and was a foster child most of her childhood, there is hope

for a better life. She promised herself that she would someday fi nd the

truth about her beloved mother’s death.

At the age of 53, after her youngest child turned 21, Rozetta set out

on a quest to search for information about her family and her mother’s

murder. Her mother’s spirit was calling her to return to the place of

her birth and to Tin Can Holler where it all began in 1959. In February

2006 she sold her beautiful home in Florida, where she had lived for

over 34 years, and resigned from her position with a large corporation.

Discovering why her father murdered her mother was just the tip

of the iceberg. When a person brutally murders someone they proclaim

to love, it makes you question that person’s past and their upbringing.

Rozetta had no knowledge of her father’s background or his family,

but her instincts told her there had to be more to the story. Uncovering

the nightmarish details of her family’s past transgressions, traumatized

Rozetta and shocked the residents of three counties in southeast Tennessee.

Most people would not have done what Rozetta did. The family

secrets would have remained with the ghosts who haunt the ridge

where her grandmother disposed of her victims. Tragedy in Tin Can

Holler is the story of a back woods family who did unspeakable horrors.

The horrifi c cycle of hate and killings in her family span more

than a century before she was born. It’s also a story of understanding

and forgiveness. She knew she could not change or erase her family

history, but she owed it to her mother to fi nd the truth, because of all

the good that she had stood for when she was alive. She hopes her faith

and the love she inherited from her mother is all that she will need to

break the family curse, so it never surfaces again in her children, grandchildren,

nieces or nephews for generations to come.

She knew in her heart that she must set the record straight. By writing

her story she hopes to rectify the sins of her father, break the family

curse and spread her message about the dangers of domestic violence

and the horrible aftermath of what happens to the children. Even though

forty-seven years had passed since her mother’s death, and regardless

of the cost, she knew the truth would fi nally set her free.


Tragedy in Tin Can Holler is Rozetta Mowery’s account of

the hard things that led to the murder of her mother by her

father. The story, which spans generations and describes the

decades of physical, psychological, sexual and substance

abuse that culminated in that brutal murder, unspools in precise,

measured language that recalls Capote’s In Cold Blood.

Mowery in unsparing in the details as she pursues the leads

that will give her the answers she’s sought since her mother

was taken from her at age seven. Remarkably, she ends her

account with a word of forgiveness, which must be a testament

to the influence of a Higher Power. Tragedy in Tin Can should perhaps be read in pieces.

I raced through it in one sitting and couldn’t sleep for three nights. I suspect I’ll always

carry this story with me. When you read something by

Stephen King, you can comfort yourself with the knowledge

that it’s only fiction. Unfortunately, the monsters described



by Mowery don’t exist only between the covers of a book.

They’re real and they’re all the more haunting for it.”

Luke Osteen, Freelance Journalist

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Author Fran Lewis Reviews Tangled Minds by Florida Author Yvonne Mason

September 19, 2009 at 2:49 am (Books by Yvonne Mason, Crime Novels, mystery, Suspense Novels) (, , , , , )

tangled minds new front cover for press releasesTangled Minds By Yvonne Mason


Reviewed by Fran Lewis



Teenage prostitution, drugs, murder, small town cover ups and more are only part of the tangled webs that have been so craftily intertwined in this novel by the mistress of mystery, murder and mayhem Yvonne Mason. Throughout this novel we are introduced to characters whose decisions are poorly thought out, whose ideals and values are twisted and convoluted and his morals sink to the lowest depth of an ocean floor.



Brianna Van Pelt feels that she has been dealt a bad hand. According to her it is the world’s fault that she got pregnant and 17 and got stuck with a child. It is her parent’s fault that she lost her freedom to party hardy and go out with her friends because they felt she had to own up to her responsibilities as a parent. Not according to this self-centered and thoughtless teenager.


Wanting to get a job, her own place to live and be on her own, Brianna is angry with her parents for not understanding her points of view when she wants to spend time with her friends and they refuse to babysit her son Josh. Josh becomes the innocent victim of a poor and heartless mother who decides she hates this precious child and will care for him but with a cold heart.


Finding a job for this beautiful young lady was easy, the where and the what would forever ruin her life and hopefully teach teenagers and young adults that there are consequences for your actions and using poor judgment. Sometimes there is no turning back.


Leaving her son in a closed car with a small crack in the window, Brianna meet with the owner of a restaurant in order to get a job waitressing. Unfortunately for her, the child starts to cry and the next thing she knows she is arrested for endangering the life of her child. Instead of appreciating all of the help she receives from her parents and the social worker, she uses a key phrase that seems to become the mantra of each of the characters in the book: It’s not my fault. It is the fault of my parents or someone else. Never taking ownership of her mistakes, Brianna enters a world that would soon envelope her in mind, spirit and body with consequences so catastrophic that they will forever scar her in more ways than one.



Working in the restaurant for a man who is cruel and sleazy, she becomes involved with another, Ken Morgan who entices her into the world of prostitution and all the fancy luxuries he can bestow on her as long as she follows the rules and makes the clients happy.


But, this life was short lived and she and her friend Amber soon learn the other side of this profession and have to run for their lives in order to survive.


Added to this a young child who is sent from pillar to post and constantly in the care of other people, you have the formula for failure and more. Josh, who had the potential to be a good kid, also feels that it is the fault of the world for his fate, as the book opens and we meet him at 17 years of age in jail for murder.


Her employer and pimp, Ken Morgan, fulfilling the sexual desires of judges and those who await her services, bedazzle Brianna with wealth and money and more, we learn that there are many desperate and sick men out there that want to fulfill their wildest fantasies and will pay any amount for them.


The author is familiar with the inside workings of the legal system and she clearly explains and helps the reader to understand just how difficult it is to prosecute and arrest drug dealers, prostitutes and more when dealing with small town law enforcement and corrupt judges.


Learning the hard way she runs to the mountains and is kept safe there by a group of mountain people who protect their own and make sure that Brianna and Josh are taken care of. The Holt family is into making and selling moonshine, wild behaviors, keeping their secrets and justifying when they commit murders.


Within this story we meet Ms. Amy the woman that cares and loves Josh and protects him as a young child and whom he wanted to remain with when his mother had to flee and only took him with her out of necessity and not love.


Hannah Holt represented the only grandmother figure that Josh knew and upon her death his entire character changed and as his mother’s did and they become too cold-hearted and unfeeling people caught up in their own tangled and twisted minds whose knots are so intertwined they might never form a straight and single smooth line.


But, life is not always what it is cracked up to be and you need to find your own way even in a world that seems against you. Making excuses for yourself and going down the wrong path is easy and what some people do when they are afraid of standing tall and learning that success comes with hard work. But, Josh watches how his mother destroyed herself, how she succumbed to a life of hard knocks and desolation, decides to leave and follow his own path of destruction and more.


Michael, Josh and Louis rob and kill Louis uncle for money and rob Ms. Elmira Jones of her diamond rings. This is the straw that will break all three and forever change their lives. Winding up in jail but protected by a judge in their town, we can only hope that the police department of these small towns will win out and teach these boys a lesson in life they won’t ever forget and maybe learn from.


But, learning from their mistakes was not what happened. Brianna spent her entire life blaming her parents and Josh for what she endured in her life. Blaming Benny, the boy’s father and Bredlove and anyone else that she could for her own mistakes instead of taking ownership of them and moving forward.



Anger and hate are terrible and can eat away at the core of your being as they did to not only Brianna, Josh. Mack and Louis.


With the tenacity and persistence of a bloodhound and the perseverance and diligence he could muster, Captain Beck of Georgia, CSI Trip and Detective Askew managed to do the impossible, break the case and thwart the efforts of a corrupt judge to make the entire matter go away.


Children are our most precious diamonds and they deserve a change to have love, understanding and nurturing. Although Josh was able to finally reunite with Ms. Amy and heard her words before being taken away to prison, he never quite accepted the fact that it was his fault and he was responsible for his actions and he now had to pay for his crime.


Without the love or a parent it is hard for children to live life and understand that are special and worth something. Working with children who had learning disabilities was what I am proud to say I did for over 36 years in the NYC Public School system. I encountered many like Josh many like Mack and fortunately not too many that were like Louis. But, the one thing I will say is that the author has it right when she states in the Afterword of this book that many times people do not understand children that need that extra bit of understanding and love. All too often when children act out in public they parent is blamed and wrongly accused of misconduct toward the child. All of us learn at a different pace and all of us learn discipline in many different ways. But, what everyone needs and what Josh and Brianna never did is LOVE. The last line of this book gives up hope that maybe by seeing Ms. Amy and listening to her words that this mother and son might yet be saved.


Stop saying it is not your fault and learn from your mistakes and you will be ten steps ahead. Yelling at children and physical discipline is wrong. Coming from a home where my parents never yelled or inflicted physical punishment to any one of us, myself, my sister or my brother, I can honestly say that explaining, talking and patience works better. I never blamed anyone for my errors and I know I have made some too. But, I will say it is no one’s fault but my own that I love this book and it should be on the shelves of every high school, college, parent and teenager’s shelf to learn the harsh realities that face you when you say: IT IS NOT MY FAULT.



Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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