Joey Madia Presents Jester-Knight a book for young teens

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Jester KnightJester-Knight, by Joey Madia



Jester-Knight follows the teenage trials and triumphs of Alde, the son of the Jester of Glittereye, a kingdom barely three generations old. As the fledgling kingdom crumbles from within, Alde must balance the expectations of being named for the first and greatest of Jesters with the path to knighthood that is thrust upon him through the selfless and heroic deed of saving an Elf.


Filled with epic battles, fierce dragons, political intrigue, and grand adventure, Jester-Knight sets the stage for ever-expanding explorations of the world of Mynoweth in the 6-book series The Ambir Dragon Tales.


“Joey Madia’s writing style in Jester-Knight, coupled with his imagination and depth of understanding, is precisely what our culture desperately needs: literature that empowers youth with the insight, courage, and wisdom much needed for undertaking the rites of passage into responsible adulthood where leadership is filled with heart and soul.” — The Fisher King Review


JoeyMadiapublphotoJoey Madia is an author, actor, and educator who writes in a

wide variety of genres and styles. His ten plays for young

audiences have been produced across the United States and his

series of books on using theatre in the classroom are helping

teachers redefine learning. His poetry, essays, and short stories

have been widely published and have earned him several awards. He

is working on several new books, including the next book of the

Ambir Dragon Tales, The Lost Stone of Ruenai. He is the founding editor of, an art and literary site.


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First Time Author Phillip Nork Brings Sensitivity 101 For The Heteroxesual Male to the Public

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Mars and Venus…The battle of the sexes? Men and women alike will enjoy the book that just might end the relationship war!

Sensnsitivty 101 

Author: Philip Nork

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Release date: September 2009

ISBN Paperback-9781438967448

ISBN Hardcover-9781438967455


First-time author Philip Nork and AuthorHouse are happy to announce the release of this “highly entertaining and unique trip back in time.” Follow Phil on his confusing and challenging journey of self-discovery, and his yearning to become the “real” yet sensitive man he yearns to be.


As you read Phil’s life-lessons you will undoubtedly recall some of your past encounters and how they too were perceived. Life-lessons are all around us, you just have to see them and react accordingly. While using symbols and music of the day, Phil learns lessons we all need to know, such as–


v  Be different, sincere, and make females feel special.

v  Girls remember the small things.

v  Girls remember the good things and want to reciprocate.

v  See the difference in everyone and celebrate it.

v  Girls want to be heard: guys need to be better listeners.


Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male allows the reader to not only experience Phil’s journey, but also relive their own…and to see how the actions that they followed could have been perceived…and ultimately accepted by those that count in their life.


Philip Nork lives in Henderson, Nevada and is already working on the second book in this series, Sensitivity 102: Choices. You can go to his blog to see more information about him, the book, and to see pictures of the locations that inspired the book.

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Women will want to have someone like Phil enter their life while men will wish they were more like Phil. Either way, all will be thoroughly entertained.

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