Author John Kelly Brings Readers Andrea Secret, Hiroshima Sunset,Saints and Relics,Satan’s Little Helper

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*Andrea’s Secret*Andrea-300

Buried deep in the heart of every family, lies a story no one wants to tell…….

In early 1974, a pregnant Andrea Steedman leaves home to conceal the birth of her daughter Mary Therese. A few months after she has given birth, depressed and confused, she agrees to an adoption under highly irregular circumstances.

Twenty two years later on her deathbed, Andrea reveals the existence of her daughter to her wealthy brother Warwick, who as executor, must find Mary Therese and ensure that she receives her rightful share of the estate. On the same day a near fatal car accident thrusts taxi driver, Julian Knowles into the malaise of the troubled Steedman family, tenuously held together by the matriarch Elsie, who is forced to confront sibling rivalry and jealously.

In the ensuing days, Warwick asks and old university friend Brad Murphy to begin the search for Mary Therese. Brad’s investigations however, reveal that all is not as it seems and events conspire to bring the family to the threshold as younger brother and sister vent their anxiety and frustration over the terms of Andrea’s will.

The story unfolds in such a way that the reader is forced to take sides. A carefully crafted piece of writing keeps you guessing until the last few pages.


In 2007, self-publishing author, Amanda Blackburn accepts an assignment in Japan to help exonerate the name of a former soldier who served in the post-war Australian occupation army in 1946. The soldier’s damning exploits are revealed in a journal written by an unidentified veteran. On arrival in Japan however, Amanda soon discovers that things are not quite as they seemed.
A tender love story set against the background of the all-but-forgotten Australian military contingent, which made up the bulk of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force, sent to Japan in February 1946 following Japan’s surrender at the end of WW2. Assigned responsibility for the Hiroshima prefecture by General Douglas MacArthur, thousands of Australian soldiers disarmed the Japanese war machine, and helped repatriate Japanese soldiers returning home. They were ensconced into an area devastated by a nuclear bomb, where civilians were suffering serious physical and psychological trauma. Inevitably, some of the soldiers fell in love. This is one such story.

*Saints and Relics *SRFC

A casket containing a remarkable relic of a 17th century nun, Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, is stolen from a devout society in France by one of its members, a priest from Sydney. The priest, Father James, secretly entrusts the casket to two women in Monterey Creek, a small country town in New South Wales. The Society immediately sends Monsignor Henri Pascal from Paris to Australia to recover both the relic and a manuscript written by the nun, which describes her final revelation. When one of the women dies suddenly, and her house is ransacked, the Monsignor becomes embroiled in the town’s affairs, including the young parish priest’s involvement with a single mother whose daughter claims to have had a vision of the Virgin Mary. When tragedy strikes during the Monterey Creek annual Festival of the Flowers, events threaten the Monsignor’s quest to find both the relic and the manuscript.

Set in a small country town in New South Wales, and complete with
an assortment of colourful characters, this intensely human story poses
questions for devotees of saints and relics, confronts long standing
theological convictions, and articulates a major dilemma for the
Catholic Church: What to do when a priest falls in love.

A powerful and absorbing drama about ordinary people, played out in
Australia and France, it captures the essence of human frailty,
and that unique Australian spirit of scepticism.


*While watching the demolition of his old school Placidus College, Simon Hickey looks back on ten turbulent, life defining years, when the first crop of Australia’s baby boomers were awakening to their sexuality. Seduced by the power of the pulpit, the Aquinine Brothers, and an ever¬present fear that Satan would snare him in an unguarded moment, Simon’s attention is directed toward a religious vocation. At the vocational training college, he encounters a serial paedophile, with far reaching and shocking consequences. A few years later, Simon becomes one of the `unlucky ones’, balloted into the Army for two years National Service in 1965.
A heartfelt, humorous, and poignant story, these two vastly different experiences are linked by a tender romance that defies Catholic conventions of the day, and reveals how two people who choose not to be conformist, cope with the social, religious and political nature of their time.


Copy of JB.KELLYAuthor John Kelly

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Absence of Faith and Dark End of the Spectrum byAnthony Samuel Policastro

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Absense of FaithHave you ever wondered what people would do if you took away their faith, their hope, and their religion? Is religion and mores what keeps us civilized and superior to the animal kingdom? My wife and I were discussing these very ideas one day and we thought it would make an interesting plot for a novel.

The result was ABSENCE OF FAITH, a modern day medical mystery thriller, where negative near death experiences plague a small, highly religious town causing many of its residents to lose their faith, and their belief in the future. When some residents wake up with burnt skin, they believe they went to hell and that God has abandoned them. Matters get worse when a local cult uses the opportunity to promote their beliefs and win over the town residents. Will Chantress, the heroine, stop Kyle Mabus from destroying all known religions in the world?

Dark End of The Spectrum


Dan Riker’s life was pretty well planned, predictable and almost boring until a seemingly harmless blackout occurs along the East Coast.

Believing hackers caused the blackouts, the CIA recruits Dan to investigate the massive outages. It is just the challenge he was looking for – something to interrupt the boring, mind-numbing routine of his everyday life.  

But when Dan’s wife and 8-year-old daughter are kidnapped, his challenge takes an ominous turn and he resents his involvement with the CIA. He wonders if his family is dead or alive and if he can continue to fight an invisible enemy with no possibility to win.  

When the hackers, a group known as ICER, take over the power grid and the cell phone network, Dan is nearly killed in an ambush because he may be the only person with the technical know-how to stop them. He is taken in by an elite team of technical gurus who work for a company with connections to the nation’s security organizations and the President.

With the help of the company, Dan discovers the hackers use a special wireless device installed in cell towers by Homeland Security after 911 to disable the electronics in everything from aircraft to PDAs. The hackers also turn the device into a powerful directed energy weapon that can track and kill any person when they use a cell phone.

ICER gives the government an ultimatum – bomb the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan with nuclear weapons to put an end to Al-Quada or they will start downing commercial airliners. When the government refuses, ICER destroys most of the downed aircraft in airports all over the country. When ICER sends a pulse that will kill most of the people on East Coast, Dan struggles with saving millions or saving his family.

Will Dan Riker save his family or will millions die?





Writing has been something I always did no matter where the winds of life took me. I always wrote.

It could be a paragraph here or there, an idea for a new piece of technology or how I felt about a particular political situation or news event. I feel I have this voice inside that is always trying to say something, get its message out, make a difference, enlighten, entertain or just make people see things a little differently. I think everyone has a unique voice, but some choose to express theirs more than others. Mine seems to be shouting all the time.

Words are powerful things – they change people for better or worse, move mountains, and cause monumental changes. Look what words did to Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare’s words are just as powerful today as they were when he wrote them over 500 years ago. Imagine, writing something today that is so universal, so truthful, so inspiring that people still read it 500 years from now.

Words have that powerful effect on us no matter where we find them, in a book, in a magazine, on a computer screen.

Words are food for the mind. They make us think, imagine, dream, dance in the joy of the things we love.

When I write a scene I know that each one of us who reads it will see different images, experience a different experience and have a unique feeling. This is the power of storytelling. TV or video games can never awaken our imaginations like words do when you read a story. If you choose to express your inner voice through words like I do, then all you can do is write.


Anthony S. Policastro has been writing all his life.

The publication of his first novel is the pinnacle of his work having previously published articles in The New York Times, American Photographer and other national, regional, and local publications.

Policastro was the former editor-in-chief of Carolina Style magazine, a regional lifestyle publication similar to Southern Living magazine. He was a former journalist, photographer, and webmaster.

The author’s background is in technology, business intelligence, and communications. He is the former senior business analyst for, the largest do-it-yourself publisher in the world headquartered in Raleigh, NC.

A member of the Backspace writers group, he has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and a BA in American Studies both from Penn State University.

His short essay on “What does it mean to be an American family” won in the Borders books contest to promote the movie and book, Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.

He currently writes a blog with Michael Neff, creator and editor of the Webdelsol and Algonkian websites, about writers’ issues called The Writer’s Edge. Policastro and Neff have been referred to as the Ebert and Roeper of the literary scene with their point/counterpoint posts.

Born in New Jersey, he now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife. He has two sons and a daughter.

Where to buy in print:

The Dog is Chasing Ghosts:
The Writer’s Edge:


TWITTER: aspolicastro



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De Marco Empire by Author J Lou McCartney

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De Marco Empire © J Lou McCartney

DeMarco Empire 






Brothers, Antonio and Gianni de Marco originate from La Pregheira in Umbria, Italy.  Having made their fortune and eager to escape their murky past they re-locate to London, England where they open a prestigious nightclub.


When Katie Saunders and Lucy Carmichael manage to get a couple of jobs in the club, little do they suspect what is in store.  From their normal, law-abiding and steady lives they are entering a world of mafia-style rivalry, turf wars, extortion, vice, corruption, drugs and murder.  They impress those around them but also encounter jealousy, back-biting and malice – but also love and romance.  Katie is swept off her feet by Antonio de Marco, the club’s owner, and Lucy by his friend, Stevo.


But when a long standing vendetta against the de Marco family begins to rear its ugly head things begin to take a turn for the worse.  With enemies old and new crawling out of the woodwork, just who is ultimately responsible for the devastation about to tear their whole world apart



Author Bio:


LouiseJanet Louise McCartney was born and brought up in the beautiful Georgian town of Whitehaven, Cumbria which is located close to the Lake District.  She is married to Gary and has a teenage daughter called Tamzin.


After thirteen years of having the initial idea she has finally written her first novel. Her life time ambition is to one day be able to give up her day job and write full time giving pleasure and entertainment to all her readers.  With her debut novel now under her belt she hopes to go from strength to strength and produce the next international best seller.


My website: –
Book available at

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Shadows of the Past By Margaret Blake

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Shadows of the past cover 

“Alva has lost her memory after a car accident. She cannot remember her husband, the Conte Luca, nor the Palazzo on Santa Caterina Island.

Returning to the island she is apprehensive, yet it is only when someone tries to kill her that she realizes she knows something. Can it be that someone is afraid of her remembering…”





A Poisoned Legacy

A Poisoned Legacy cover 


Belinda soon realizes the legacy is poisoned. By rights the house and land should have gone to Jesse Crane, or at least be shared between him and Carl Nash.


Does someone want her dead…can she trust Jesse Crane. Carl Nash is a charismatic pastor he at least has to be honest…or is he?


How can she fight her growing attraction to Jesse, knowing he might wish her harm?


Set in rural Florida – light years away from the smart hotels and theme parks this is the story of a young woman who is confused but brave. Uncertain of who she can trust, still she leans towards Jesse…never guessing at the terrible secrets that Nash House holds to itself.



Breaking the Clouds

 Breaking the Clouds cover


The move to New Zealand has suited Bronwen for she has a good job and a beautiful home. The only downside is her lawyer husband Jack, who is drinking too much and is obviously unhappy with the move.


What she doesn’t need is a visit from her enigmatic cousin, Marged, a woman with whom she has little in common. However, it is with Marged’s visit that Bronwen’s life starts to spin out of control. She learns Jack was fired months ago from his firm, that he has abandoned his apartment in the city, and most of her money is missing from her bank account.


The only person who might know something is Job Tepi but Bronwen is not sure she can trust him…

The latest romantic suspense from Margaret Blake – available from

libraries and book stores.



I was always writing stories, even as a little girl, however it was not until I was married and my husband encouraged me that I began to take myself seriously.


It was probably being an only child that drew me to writing. As an only child you tend to spend a lot of time on your own. I was either reading or writing and when I was doing neither, I was at the cinema, another passion of mine.


A love of history drew me to writing historical novels and I published seven novels with Robert Hale Limited.  I then turned to contemporary romantic fiction and had five novels with the same publisher.  These I wrote under my Grandmother’s maiden name – Ellen Noone. Some years on I started to be published by Whiskey Creek Press, my first novel for them being Fortune’s Folly.


 May 2008 saw my return to my original British Publisher, Robert Hale Limited, for my new venture into romantic suspense. “Breaking the Clouds” is a brand new genre for me, and I have also published A Poisoned Legacy, a romantic suspense set in Florida. A place I love – especially as my son and his family live there! My latest novel with Robert Hale is another romantic suspense this time set on an island in Italy, “Shadows of the Past” which is published on the 29th May 2009.


Late last year and early this year I had three novels out with Whiskey Creek Press – His Other Wife, The Substitute Bride which is a medieval historical romantic suspense and Spanish Lies.

I was thrilled when The Substitute Bride was the best selling novel at Whiskey Creek for March.


Also in April I published “Bitter Betrayal with Wings All my American novels are available in e book and print format.


Well, about me, I am married to John and we live in the North West of England, on the coast, although we are both city born originally and I came from Hulme, Manchester.  We both lived in the States for some time.  I have one son, the best daughter in law in the world and three fantastic grandchildren.


 A lot of my inspiration and plots come to me while I am walking the hills. I live not too far from The Lake District and go walking there twice a month. It is amazing how good it is for my mind. Sometimes I wonder what a character would do and where they would go, being in the peace of magnificent scenery on a perfect day, always helps to show me the way to go.


Travel is a bonus for me. I love to visit Italy and France. I backpacked around Australia and New Zealand, all these countries have been an inspiration for me. Of course I visit Florida as often as I can. My son and his family are there – trips to Florida inspired A Poisoned Legacy., but I do like to think it is the “real” Florida rather than just the theme parks. Not that I am knocking the theme parks, my grandkids and I have had wonderful visits there.


I have a lot of fun with my writing. I love to go to new places and usually allow my characters lead me. Usually a situation will come into my head first of all, then the character, of course first I ask what would I do if…then I look around for a character and let me them decide the way to go. Writing about men is no problem – all my male characters are romantic and sexy – they can be macho and alpha but usually they are tamed by my heroines. So Happy reading!


You can read more about me at my website – – find me at

www.myspace/authormargaret, or at face book. Hale authors have also started a blog, at and you can usually find me blogging once a week at

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Children’s Author Brings homeschooling to a New Level Elysabeth Eldering

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With a childhood spent traveling the globe, it’s no wonder that writer Elysabeth Eldering has a passion for geography! Growing up in a military family, Elysabeth lived in Japan, Germany, New York, Kentucky, and Texas before her family finally settled in a small town in South Carolina. Elysabeth, who lives in Honea Path, SC, has put her globetrotting skills to work in the Junior Geography Detective Squad’s 50-state, mystery, trivia series.


Published by 4RV Publishing, the series made its debut in summer 2008 with State of Wilderness. State of Quarries made it’s way into the hands of followers of the series next.  The Junior Geography Detective Squad will continue to put their mystery-solving talents to work in each state to challenge young readers on their knowledge of the nation’s geography and interesting facts. State of Reservations is next in the line-up.


The mother of three – an adult son and a teen-aged son and daughter – juggles a schedule that includes volunteering with her children’s school activities, including the marching band and band competitions. An avid pet lover, Elysabeth is caretaker for the family’s two dogs.  She’s active in the Greenville chapters of Sisters in Crime and the SC Writers Workshop and has judged entries for the Derringers Awards competition.


Elysabeth entered her first writing contest on a dare from a friend. Since then, the prize-winning writer has received awards from Armchair Interviews and Echelon Press. Her most recent story, “Bride and Seek,” was published in the SC Writers Workshop anthology The Petigru Review and is available on  She has an article on editing and self publishing, also with Armchair Interviews.


To learn more about the Junior Geography Detective Squad, visit and


Special orders (for schools and homeschoolers) should contact either the author or publisher with subject line:  Special orders – JGDS series

Contact the author at

Contact the publisher at


JGDS - State of Reservations cover  

(State of Reservations is being edited and will be available hopefully the end of September) –

Elysabeth Eldering
Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad (JGDS), 50-state, mystery, trivia series

STATE OF WILDERNESS, Book 1 of 50 now available.
STATE OF QUARRIES, book 2 of 50 now available
STATE OF RESERVATIONS, book 3 of 50 coming 2009


JGDS State of Wilderness by Elysabeth ElderingSYNOPSIS:  If you like Jeopardy and trying to guess the answers with the contestants, you will enjoy the JGDS, 50-state, mystery, trivia series where the reader is encouraged to guess the state described by the handheld game’s clues. 

Can you guess the state before the characters do? 

Each state is a new adventure, so pick up a copy of the books today and find out where the adventure takes you next.
JGDS State of Quarries cover rock font (series newsletter forum)

member Sisters in Crime, Greenville Chapter
member South Carolina Writer’s Workshop, Greenville Chapter

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Take Charge A Woman’s Guide to A Healthier Heart By Carolyn Strimike and Margie Latrella

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Take ChargeBook Cover Synopsis:

Women work, clean, cook, take care of children, spouses, parents, and pets – but sometimes forget to take care of themselves.  Their knowledge about health often comes from a two minute news report or short article. But every week there is some new research report telling them what to do which can be confusing. What we have done is compile a handy, easy to read and understand user’s manual for women who are too busy to spend hours searching for this valuable information. This book has multiple charts and worksheets to help women get started on their way to a healthier lifestyle. As you know, there are many books available on this important topic, but most of them require days or weeks to complete.  Our book is a simple, concise guide that any woman can read through within a day and carry with them as a quick reference guide.  This book walks you step-by-step through the common risk factors for heart disease in women and will teach you how to develop
a heart healthy lifestyle.

Carolyn Strimike and Margie Latrella are cardiac nurse practitioners with over 40 years combined experience. They specialize in women’s heart health and have been recognized by the American Heart Association and the Women’s Heart Foundation for their efforts to educate and increase women’s awareness about heart disease. They have provided hundreds of community and professional seminars and have written numerous articles. 

Book Link:

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