Death of a Perfect Man By M.M. Gornell

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DPMSDeath of a Perfect Man

Short Synopsis


Jada Beaudine has lost her husband Terry in a tragic and mysterious boating accident–and she badly needs a change.  She leaves her home in Puget Sound to get away from the horror, the memories, and the relentless glare of publicity that surrounded her husband’s death.

Alone, she drives south and by the second evening finds herself taking a wrong turn in the stark Mojave high desert of interior Southern California.  While mesmerized by the bigger-than-life beauty of a desert sunset, she nearly runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere.  Amid mounting apprehension, she manages to find the odd “Red Rock Inn & Café,” a lost, creepy old resort from some other place and time–where, Irina, a strange emerald-eyed woman materializes and convinces her to stay the night.

She’ll check out early in the morning and be on her way, right?

But by morning, events unravel quickly and Jada finds herself pulled straight into the scene of a bizarre murder.  As she reluctantly tries to make sense of this murder, it’s soon followed by yet another.  And all the while, Jada is being followed by people with varied, surprising and even sinister agendas of their own.

Yes, she may have a knack for solving murders—as psychic Irina seems to know—but in this off-kilter scenario, Jada has her own powerful hunch that the next victim will be her.  And every time she tries to leave this otherworldly place, she finds that somehow she can’t


M.M. Gornell is a lifetime lover of mysteries of all types, and her favorite novelist is P. D. James.  Besides reading and writing, she is a potter with a fondness for stoneware and reduction firing.

Also a gardener, she is continually searching for desert adaptable plants to nurture–especially rare fruit trees such as Jujube.

M.M. Gornell lives with her husband and assorted canines in California’s high-desert.  You can visit her online at,, and email her directly at

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Uncle Si’s Secret by M.M. Gornell

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Short Synopsis

Uncle Si's SecretUncle Si’s Secret

Belinda “Bella” Jones and her brother Bernard, owners of the Cedar Valley Residence, have put their hearts, souls, and a ton of cash into this dream endeavor. Now, after five years of hard work, their charming home is almost full of a lovable cast of residents and there’s just one more building addition they want to do.

But then Lana Norris, a beautiful area resident is brutally murdered on Cedar Valley Trail just a few feet from their property line, and their world turns upside down. Things like this don’t happen in Cedar Valley, and their residents are shocked—and afraid. Overnight their happy place has turned into a jumbled, unfamiliar world. Indeed, residents are checking out, belongings are mysteriously disappearing, the county government is on their back about raspberries of all things, and it seems that nothing will be right again until this homicidal maniac is captured.

Quickly, and to everyone’s relief, the police arrest and charge Kirby Norris, Lana’s husband. He has an alibi, but all the physical evidence points his way; and for motive, there’s a million dollar life insurance policy. It’s enough for the DA to indict, arraign, and bring to trial.

But Kirby swears he’s innocent, and so does his mother, the eerily persistent Olive Norris. She engages a slick defense lawyer, but she also calls in Belinda, a past part-time investigator to find the real killer.

Belinda has had several modest successes in the crime arena, and her possibly psychic chef-brother thinks Kirby is innocent, and worse yet, the real killer is still loose and she should take the job. But once Belinda begins, she enters a turning labyrinth that not even she could foresee. Suddenly there’s another gruesome murder, and some sudden surprises, and Belinda knows that she must solve this one fast—before she, or someone dear to her, becomes the next victim.

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Valley Fever by Sunny Frazier

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ValleyFeverVALLEY FEVER: Where Murder Is Contagious


27 award-winning stories set in the San Joaquin Valley by Sunny Frazier, JoAnne Lucas and Cora Ramos.

The only fiction mystery anthology highlighting this region of California. 


If you’ve read your Saroyan, you might think that the San Joaquin Valley is a gentle, peaceful place, where almost everyone is a good-hearted Armenian, and everyone is happy.

If you’ve ever lived there, you know that California’s Central Valley has a dark side, too, and it gets hot. . . and very deadly.

VALLEY FEVER is a collection of stories by three women who write about the underbelly of Fresno, the “All-American City,” and its surrounding areas. These award-winning authors combine their talents and their tales to present a collection of mayhem, murder, malice, and hot-blooded passion. Some of the stories are funny, some frightening, but all are wicked.


$14.00  Available through Sunny Frazier

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Seven By Seven By Sunny Frazier

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Seven Deadly Tales Of the Seven Deadly Sins By Seven Deadly Authors


Forty-nine stories, each no longer than 600 words, this anthology is a MUST-READ for those who enjoy flash fiction and writers who want to learn how to do it.


Edited by Tony Burton

Authors: B.J. Bourg, Kimberly Brown, Deborah Elliott-Upton, John M. Floyd, Sunny Frazier, Gary Hoffman, Frank Zafiro  


Writing a short story is never easy. Writing shorter than the usual and retaining all the elements of theme, plot, setting, and character is downright hard. In this impressive full-length volume, seven experienced mystery writers each take on that difficult task seven times over. They additionally struggle to fulfill an essential parameter set for them by the editor: to produce stories on themes chosen for them rather than by them.

Edgar Winner G. Miki Hayden


Seven writers x seven deadly sins = 49 ways of death in 600 words or less each. . .Indulge in all seven deadly sins—they’re heavenly!



For a shiver or an evil grin, I highly recommend this group of deadly albeit humorous authors! Seven By Seven is a plethora of skillfully written tales that will amuse and chill you.



Each author crafted a sinfully good tale with sinfully bad characters. . .You might think there’d be a similarity in the stories for each of the Sins, but far from it. Each writer put a unique and original spin on his or her story, and you’ll enjoy them all as much as I did.

Earl Staggs, author of MEMORY OF A MURDER. 


$12.00 Available at Barnes & Noble online or through Sunny Frazier

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Country Bob’s Cookbook

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Country Bob's Cookbook

In Country Bob’s Cookbook you’ll find recipes for everything from Wingettes to Country Bob’s Chip Dip in the Appetizer section. There is Sour Cream Slaw Dressing and Cucumber and Tomato Salad in the Salad section. And Foil-Wrapped Chicken and Grilled Chicken-in-a-Pocket in the grilling section. Most of the dishes are made using Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce, which I’ve used and love. The flavor blends of this sauce adds the perfect touch to anything from baked beans to meatloaf. And I can’t wait to try their recipe for Country Bob’s Steak Taco in the main dish section.

I made one of the cakes from this cookbook and have to admit that I did make 3 changes. I used butter instead of the margarine and I used black walnut flavoring instead of the butternut. My reasons? I always bake with butter and I had no butternut flavoring so I substituted using the black walnut. My only other change was that I baked mine in a tube pan instead of 3 cake pans. Again, my reason? I just like to bake cakes in tube pans. But I still ended up with 3 layers. I simply slice my cake creating 3 layers. The cake is not only beautiful but the taste is wonderful.  And the recipe for Country Bob’s Butternut Cake, as well as all of the recipes I’ve found in this book, are simple.

If you would like to see a picture of my cake, visit my site

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Debi DeSantis- Book Cover Designer

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For thos of who who are wondering where to go to get a premier book cover for you book. Let me introduce you to Debi DeSantis. As all of you know if the cover doesn’t snap the book will only sit on the shelf.

Debi has a great eye for what the book needs. She can take the syonpsis and build a cover that jumps from the shelf to your face. Her covers have won awards and she is the master of her craft.  

In this day and age when the net is our best friend or our worst enemy we as indie authors need the edge of a over the top book cover. Look at Debi’s work. It speaks for itself.

 She is very easy to work with and she will leave you very satisfied with your cover.

 My sales have doubled since I had her redo all of my covers. She is now my  cover artist. I even had her make a cover for a book I have not yet completed. That is how much I believe in her work.

Her link is below but here are a few samples of her work.tangled minds new coverWhen Fates Collide   New Front Cover from Debi DeSantas


a voice frontDream Catcher new Cover1

A Voice from the Grave has not yet been finished but you can see what wonderful work she does. So go check her out. You Won’t be sorry.

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When Fools Rush In A Christy Bristol Astrology Mystery- By Sunny Frazier

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When Fools Rush InOn a blazing July day in Central County, California, snitch Johnny Blue is murdered by lethal heroin injection. The undercover narcotics detective who handled Blue goes to the Sheriff’s Department seeking his ex-girlfriend, Christy Bristol. In the past he ridiculed her hobby of casting horoscopes but now he needs her expertise to help catch the man he suspects is behind Blue’s murder, a drug dealer named Lloyd Parr.


Stuck on the lowest rung of the law enforcement ladder, Christy becomes first a victim, then a hero, in the high-stakes game of narcotics trafficking. Through her eyes, the drug world is reduced to individual players, lost values and discarded dreams.


In the drug world of the Valley, there are no winners. Only losers. 


“Fast-paced and riveting, FOOLS RUSH IN is a salute to good cops, an insider’s view of astrology, and a grim descent into the dark world of drug dealers.”

Carolyn Hart, Agatha Award-winning author of LETTER FROM HOME and DEAD DAYS OF SUMMER


“In her debut novel, Sunny Frazier ratchets up the tension. The astrology is a bonus.”

Denise Dietz, bestselling author of CHAIN A LAMBCHOP TO THE BED and FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER.


“Frazier does an excellent job keeping the reader on the edge of the seat.”

Lesa Holstine, The Bookbitch


“Christy is a great character. Told almost entirely from her viewpoint, we can’t help but feel her fear and cheer her on. She is strong and clever and thinks fast on her feet. This series can go in a lot of directions and I plan to be there to see what comes next.”

Kim Reis, Armchair Reviews


“FOOLS RUSH IN is an enjoyable novel, and Christy an interesting and likable protagonist. I must admit to never having been one to follow astrology, but the author makes the subject very interesting. And I love Christy’s observation that ‘Pluto was still considered a planet in astrology-speak.’”

Gloria Feit, Spinetingler Magazine

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