Where Angels Fear by Sunny Frazier

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AngelsFear_comp2Set in the Central Valley of California, author Sunny Frazier once again explores the rich agricultural region, rural law enforcement and crimes shrouded by Tule fog in this sequel to FOOLS RUSH IN.   

            Amateur astrologer Christy Bristol finds herself on the fringes of Kearny society and a members-only sex club as she reluctantly takes on a missing person case. Prominent business man Avery Anders has disappeared and his wife cannot go to the authorities. When the man’s horoscope reveals an affair and mortal danger, she enlists Christy to do an investigation.

            Christy’s day job with the local sheriff’s department is on the line as her investigation crosses paths with several homicide cases and surly Detective Kerwin. Could the cases be connected?

            Aided by best friend Lennie Watkins, the women find themselves on a treacherous trail that leads to the Veterans Hospital, a sex-specialty clothing store, mansions of the rich, and even touches on the Viet Nam War. With only a prescription bottle and matchbook as clues, the young woman must face the Knights of Sensani and her own sexual limitations.

            Christy Bristol must go where angels fear to tread.        


 If you liked “Fools Rush In” you will love “Where Angels Fear”. Frazier takes us into Christy’s life. Sometimes things are confusing. Sometimes they are embarrassing. But there are wonderful and warm times too. This tale has one of the best, “feel good” endings I have ever read. I laughed and I felt good for Christy. This is a wonderful story and one everyone should definitely read. You won’t be sorry. I give it a 9 of 10 on the Weaver meter.
Enjoy, Sid Weaver


Beginning with the stiletto boots and whip on the cover, Where Angels Fear pulls the reader into a labyrinth of death, domination, and fear with just the right number of humorous turns. Frazier has created a character in Christy Bristol that readers will gladly welcome into their living rooms in book after book to see how she grows and to learn more about how she uses her gift for astrology.  Where Angels Fear is a delightful, fun read that proves Frazier has no fear as a writer.

T. L. Cooper


 From its dark, compelling opening, ‘Where Angels Fear’ is an intriguing mystery. Christy makes an appealing and resourceful heroine, with many tangled relationship issues we can all identify with. Her friend Lennie is equally engaging and there are many nice touches of humor when she is investigating. The story moves with great pace, yet at the same time the colors, culture and cuisine of this part of California are excellently described, and overall the novel has great atmosphere. The ending is truly gripping.  Christy’s relationship with her lover also develops and ‘Where Angels Fear’ rounds off with a lovely scene between Christy and Rod. I enjoyed, ‘Where Angels Fear’ very much and I look forward to reading more of this series.
Lindsay Townsend.

Links: http://www.sunnyfrazier.com

And, if you would like to break some news to your readers, I will do a FREE 6-month horoscope with the purchase of one Christy Bristol novel, 12-months for ordering both FOOLS RUSH IN and WHERE ANGELS FEAR. Books must be purchased through contact with me so I can get birth information. Email through my website. 


  1. laurelrainsnow said,

    I’ve read “Fools Rush In,” and additionally, I am a Central Valley author. So I can’t wait to read this sequel.

    Your review tantalizes potential readers. Kudos!

    • yvonnemason said,

      Would you like for us to post your books here as well. If so contact me at ysam51@yahoo.com it cost you nothing, it is our way of paying it forward

  2. Leann Sweeney said,

    Fools Rush In was a great read. Loved Christy as she is a great character! I hope to add Where Angels Fear as soon as I meet my QUICKLY approaching deadline.

  3. Sunny Frazier said,

    Leann, let’s see what your horoscope says about your deadline!

  4. J. Michael Orenduff said,

    Sunny Frazier’s first two Christy Bristol books are on my favorite mysteries list. They’re perfectly plotted, the characters, are great fun, and the narrative is seemlessly smooth. Your review is spot-on, Yvonne.

  5. Marilyn Meredith said,

    Sunny is a friend of mine–and I loved her books.

  6. Billie Johnson said,

    Sunny is all-round amazing! A great writer, sooper-dooper promoter, top-shelf client and a dang good roommate if your traveling.

    Thanks for featuring her and her books!

  7. June Shaw said,

    Exciting! Sunny and her books are amazing. Great blog!

    • yvonnemason said,

      Thanks June,
      It is our goal to make this the site readers come to when they want a good book, no matter what genre. Please tell others about it.

  8. Madeline (M.M.) Gornell said,

    Can’t wait to get my copy of Where Angels Fear from Sunny at the Oakhurst Book Festival in November. Seems like such a long time away…

    Great website, Yvonne, and wonderful exposure for authors!

    • yvonnemason said,

      Thanks Madeline,
      We strive to make it the best so authors can shine.

  9. Susan Whitfield said,

    I’ve read Sunny’s books as well and am proud to have a blurb of hers on my second mystery novel, Just North of Luck. I give her five bottles of wine!

    • yvonnemason said,

      Susan we are so glad both of you are here. your books are great!!!

  10. Linda Thorne said,

    Both of her novels are great. Where Angels Fear was like reading a J.A. Jance book. Sunny’s also written and published many short stories. Some of these are published in the books, Seven by Seven and also Valley Fever.

    Linda Thorne
    Nashville, Tennessee

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