Unholy Pursuit by Jerry Pat Bolton

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Unholy PursuitSeventy-year-old Joe John Jefferies, recently widowed and alone is at a crossroad in his long life. He is a writer of books, but the words seem to have dried up for him, his so-called Muse has called in sick and will be gone for the foreseeable future. As he contemplates his future he also delves into his past, and especially one particular person he met when a young man on an isolated highway in Georgia. Although he can remember, in great detail, what transpired those brief eighteen hours they were together he cannot remember her name, or even if she gave him her name. So! Off our hero goes in search for the Nameless Girl.

He begins his search at the place they meet in Georgia not understanding what is ahead of him, and indeed what fate has conspired to send him on this search for the Nameless girl. Soon, however, Joe will understand it all too well.

The Nameless Girl will soon be identified as Casondrah, and Joe, heedless to the many red lights he encounters is bewitched by her once again. That she is the supreme vampire of the Clan of Longinus matters not to Joe. And to make matters even more appealing, Joe has begun a process of peeling back the years until he is a young man once again.

Soon he sees Casondrah for what and who she is, but is it too late for him? He also is told of a plan of untold evil which has been set in motion centuries ago and is now very near its completion. This plan must be thwarted by any means necessary and Joe find out, in the end, that it is he alone that can bring down the diabolical plan of the Clan of Longinus to rule the world

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