Rank Stranger by Jerry Pat Bolton

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Rank Stranger 

In my 315 page thriller, “Rank Stranger,” Sans Souci, Louisiana is The Beast’s next target for mayhem and murder. Thornton Ashe named himself The Beast many years and many murders ago. An unlikely candidate for such a name, Thornton is a bit on the nerdy side. Still, the name fits our wary and elusive cold-bloodied killer The horror The Beast has spawned over the years began innocently enough as a social experiment, but soon turned into something personal and very deadly. After selecting Sans Souci to terrorize next, The Beast chooses Race Benoit as his “Specimen.” But, as Race will find out, it The Beast isn’t only interested in him. The Beast begins to target people Race is close to in a sadistic attempt to see how much stress Race can withstand.


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