Spice Up Your Life – The Flexitarian Way – Bindu Grandhi, Author

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Spice Up Your Life – The Flexitarian Way – Bindu Grandhi, Author
Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

I can’t say that I’ve ever found a “healthy” cookbook that made me actually want to try it’s dishes. The pictures grab my attention but the ingredients are always the same. Veggies, veggies, veggies. Don’t get me wrong, I love vegetables but when I find myself thumbing through a health conscious cookbook I’m usually turned off by the lack of taste. I want healthy foods that have spunk and bold flavors. And that’s exactly what I’ve found in Bindu Grandhi’s book Spice Up Your Life.

This book enticed me so much that I’ve already cooked two of her dishes. Her Chicken with Spiced Cashew and Almond Sauce is out of this world. The sauce made from cardamon, cashews, almonds, half & half, saffron and chili powder has a rich taste with just a little heat. It compliments the chicken to the point that I found myself wanting a 2nd serving. Her Bananas with Coconut and Honey explodes with taste.

I’ve already marked other recipes I want to try, with my first one being her Corn Flour Toast. This bread “batter” is made with corn flour, sweet onions, cumin and chili powder.
Spice Up Your LifeSo, if you are like me and want healthy food with a “kick” you must try the dishes in Spice Up Your Life.

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The Voice of Anton Bouchard by Brian L. Porter

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TheVoicePrintfront_mdThe Voice of Anton Bouchard

As the city of Paris swelters in the grip of a summer heat wave, a serial killer dubbed “The Butcher Beast” stalks the dark streets of the great metropolis, dispatching his victims with increasing brutality and savagery. Author Brian L. Porter goes deep into the mind of multiple murderer Anton Bouchard, revealing the thoughts and the events that have shaped the life of that most heinous of society’s misfits, the serial killer! This definitive collection of tales from the pen of the author includes a second tale of multiple murder in “Breathing to Death,” and also takes the reader beneath the ocean, beyond the stars, and deep into the cellars of an English country mansion. Finally, we are treated to a four chapter preview of Porter’s latest novel Under Mexican Skies. A truly remarkable journey through the mind of an extremely talented author!


 5.0 out of 5 stars Award Winning Material!!, June 28, 2009
By Barbara Watkins “Barbara Watkins” (Missouri)

What can I say about Brian L. Porter and his latest literary work known as ‘The Voice of Anton Bouchard’ other than to say in my opinion, it was a work of excellence! His works are known to provoke emotions of horror, terror and intrigue…and through ‘The Voice of Anton Bouchard’ {and other stories} the author managed to do just that.

I visited Paris in its darkest hour and traveled along side a psychopathic serial killer.

Aboard a submarine miles below the Pacific waves, I witnessed the destruction of the earth and mankind. I then took a journey along side detectives and participated in solving a murder.

I traveled through the Transylvanian Alps and ended up with ‘Bodies in the Cellar,’ only to find I had been abducted by Alien creatures no less!

Bravo to the author, Brian L. Porter, for giving his readers’ yet another five star experience!

Author/Writer/Reviewer: Barbara Watkins

5.0 out of 5 stars Very Clever., June 26, 2009
By Ralph R. Deluca Jr. (USA)

The Voice of Anton Bouchard is a book of short, well written, and entertaining storys. I blew through the book in one short afternoon. The storys contain horror, brotherly love, natural disasters and more. You owe it to yourself to read it. Mr Porter has got me hooked.

5.0 out of 5 stars Get Ready to Enter the Twilight Zone, June 7, 2009
By     Martha A. Cheves (Charlotte, NC)

Short story “Red Sky in the Morning”… ‘Prior to surfacing completely, the submarine’s commander, Captain Simon Merrick had ordered the periscope raised, and he knew as soon as he put his eye to the scope that something wasn’t right. Although the submarine’s chronometer showed the time as eleven o’clock in the morning it appeared quite dark on the surface. There appeared to be an incredible red tinge to the outside world. While he tried to make some sense of what he saw his communications officer, Mike Regan had been trying without success, to make contact with the base at Rosyth.’

What Merrick and his crew didn’t know as their submarine surfaced from the deep waters was that they were about to “Enter the Twilight Zone.”

Enter the Twilight Zone yourself as you read “The Voice of Anton Bouchard” which will have you wondering why a serial killer suddenly stopped killing. Read “Breathing to Death” to see how and why women with medical problems are being killed. “The Sound of Silence” will have you traveling with a young lady, who after a wreck, is carried off to what could be nothing less than the castle of Dracula. These stories and many more that make up this book will carry you into the “Zone.”

Purchase links:



From Author Brian L Porter
Author of, The Preditors & Editors Best Thriller Novel 2008 and The Preditors & Editors Best Poet of 2008 (as Juan Pablo Jalisco)
Brian L. Porter Web: www.freewebs.com/brianlp
A Study in Red Web: www.freewebs.com/astudyinred
Juan Pablo Jalisco Web: www.freewebs.com/juanpablojalisco
Harry Porter Web: http://harry-porter.webs.com

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Knit One for the Road By Margaret Nock

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Knit One For The RoadDescription…
 by Margaret Nock

Knit 1 for the Road

Knit 1 for the Road  
 by Margaret Nock


A portable knitting book for the busy knitter. Create scarves, baubles, belts and bags with straightforward, easy to read patterns.  





Now available on Amazon, Kindle, and Etsy.

Blog Site
Website (knitting resources)
Etsy Shop (kits, books, patterns)

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Debi DeSantis – Author and Book Cover Designer

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Debi DeSantis
My name is Debi DeSantis and I am originally from the Philadelphia area and moved to Florida in 1991 where I now live in Palm Beach with my husband and young son who absolutely amazes me, and if it wasn’t for him, there would be no Spongebob in my life. I also have a grown daughter that’s planning on starting a career in the medical field. 
       So get ready to be enticed and captivated as you step into my world of literary romance. The journey begins the moment you pick up one of my books and with any luck you will be hooked just like I am. My love for writing began when I was in high school with short stories and poetry. It was over 10 years ago when I began writing She Cries in the Darkbriefly scribbling the first few chapters, I put it away, only to start where I left off a little over a year ago. I have recently finished writing my 2nd novelThe Other Side of You‘ and have started on the 3rd.
     My other writing interests include romantic poetry, inspirational verse, and children’s stories. I am proud to say that my poetry has been published in two coffee table books and because of this accomplishment I received the Editors Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry two years in a row. I was nominated for Poet of the Year in 2005 and 2006 and I have been inducted as An International Poet of Merit by the International Society of Poets. I have also received the distinguished honor of 2006 Poetry Ambassador and been selected to receive the Official 2006 Commemorative U.S. Poetry Ambassador Medal. If you enjoyed reading my first novel,
‘She Cries in the Dark look for my next woman’s novel ‘The Other Side of You’  from Cacoethes Publishing House–www.cacoethespublishing.com
   I began my creative career as a poet and went on to win awards for the past four years for several of my poems. From there I went one step further and began writing a children’s poetry book which was published and helped jump start my writing profession. I have two romance novels published and am working hard on my third. Inspired by creating my own book covers, I put together a portfolio and contacted several publishers and fellow authors with the hope of putting my imagination and artistic talent to good use. I am happy to say that I have recently won the Book Cover Designer of March 2009 award for my cover of BRIGGEN. I am looking forward to a rewarding and satisfying career creating great stories and book covers. So if you would like more information, visit my site at www.debidesantis.com/book_cover.html

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The Other Side of You by Debi DeSantis

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The Other Side of YouThe Other Side of You is a story about passion, romance, surprise, and friendships. Individual paths cross, bringing about relationships between people that are formed during the most unlikely circumstances, offering hope, and the courage to make it through, even when there seems to be nothing but darkness at the end of the tunnel.

Interior designer, Morgan Whitley is confident, classy, and happy with the life she has made for herself. Satisfied with a busy schedule; not leaving much time for socializing or romance, socializing or romance, a trip to London will bring with it an unexpected encounter that ends up changing her life forever. Thus allowing Morgan, for the first time, to experience what it’s like to truly be in love….. and to be loved, offering her the chance to fulfill her need for affection. But not until she is able to put the demons from her past behind her, is she able to enjoy the pleasures associated with being in love.an unexpected encounter ends up changing her life forever.

Airline pilot Jason Moore fit into Morgan’s hectic world perfectly. He is not demanding of her time, nor is he around very often. But something was unique about their relationship; it progressed quickly and without warning. Morgan is overwhelmed by the passion and sexual chemistry they share and she is thankful that she allowed herself the opportunity to experience something so special.  Jason was the most incredibly loving, passionate man she ever met. But one small favor would end up costing them everything. And a well kept secret is revealed at a most unwelcome time. The route that Morgan’s life would now follow brings about a revelation that seems impossible. Her faith and physical well-being are tested and a special bond is formed between strangers that may have never existed.

book available at www.cacoethespublishing.com and other book sites
Debi DeSantisDebi DeSantis – Author and the best Book Cover Designer in the Business

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She Cries in The Dark by Debi DeSantis

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She Cries in the DarkShe Cries in the DarkIs a novel of courage and hope, friends and family come together and embrace not only the gift of life, but the unfortunate death of loved ones. This story captures one woman’s heroic journey as she falls victim to the demons associated with not only losing her precious child but her beloved husband as well, only to find herself searching desperately for a way out of the darkness. Shocking surprises and unexpected twists force Maci to selfishly survive in a world that is no longer hers… throwing her into an unfamiliar existence plagued with alcohol abuse. Sadly, Maci’s little girl is forced to cope through the loss and grief by herself which almost proves fatal.

Thankful for a friendship that develops with a compassionate doctor who has also experienced his own loss, Maci leans on him as her life shatters into a million pieces. Fortunately, a powerful force brings the two strangers together, leaving them to discover the true meaning of friendship and undying love. The extraordinary journey that this young mother’s life is about to begin, offers her a second chance at a future she could only have imagined…giving her lost soul the direction she has been searching for, along with the possibility for healing and redemption. At long last she would be able to move forward with a new chapter in her life, and bring to an end the old one, only to find out that life changing secrets could end up being a blessing in disguise.

book is available at

www.lulu.com my website www.debidesantis.com   


Debi DeSantisDebi DeSantis Author and the best Book Cover Designer in the business

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Closed Eyes Who’s Killing Our Children by Jim Benish

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eyes closedNew Book Urges Colorado Law Enforcement to Reexamine JonBenet Ramsey and Other Cold Case Files

Author and retired detective, Jim Benish, announces the release of a new book, “Closed Eyes Who’s Killing Our Children” In the book, the author examines the murder cases of two Colorado children –and finds similarities to the JonBenet murder.


PRLog (Press Release)Jul 16, 2009 – In 1993, Benish worked for the Thornton Police Department in Thornton, Colo. At this time, he reopened the Neef file; a murder that took place in 1984. After some investigation, he discovers that the initial suspect was cleared without due reason. However, Benish learns that the investigation was peppered with inexperience and error.


As the author digs deeper into files, he begins to draw connections.  He learns that welding particles were on the victims’ bodies and clothing; the suspect in the Neef and Berrelez cases was a welder. Benish also discovers that the suspect had been arrested or seen in close proximity to all of the crime scenes.

“Almost one year ago, the Ramsey family was eliminated as suspects,” Benish says. “This suspect is still at large and the jurisdictions in charge need to combine their efforts to yield resolution.”

Benish strongly believes that this suspect is a serial offender and is the key to solving these cold cases.

“The public has a right to know,” Benish adds. “It’s very possible that this suspect continues to prowl the neighborhoods. Since 2002, he’s been arrested and convicted of another sexual crime; he’s finally on the Colorado Sexual Offender list. To date, he has only been revealed to be a person of interest or suspect on the Neef case.”      

About the Author

Jim Benish has worked as a police officer and detective; he has what he calls a “cop’s sense of criminal reality” and he believes that these murders have been committed by this suspect. Throughout his career, he has written or reviewed thousands of crime reports and is proficient at recognizing and combining the elements of a crime with witness statements that many times resulted in the arrest of the perpetrator.
To learn more, and purchase the book visit : http://www.CodeFore.com.
Anyone interested in purchasing movie rights:

CodeFore Publishing- jd@codefore.com






Editorial Reviews

My God, All parents with small children should read this book. It’s graphic, it gave me a picture of evil I didn’t know existed. –Lorraine Swartz

The way Jim Benish tells it, if local law enforcement agencies don’t manage to solve two and possibly three notorious, decades old child murder cases, it won’t be because they don’t have enough evidence. Benish’s book does present a revealing and depressing picture of how scattershot the investigation of even a child’s murder can be. Agencies don’t share information, don’t systematically follow up everyt lead, fall prey to what Benish terms the tunnel vision of developing one theory. –Alan Prendergast. Westword. Denver Colorado

Product Description
Closed Eyes; Who’s Killing Our Children is a story of four individual child abductions that have found no closure for the families to this day. This is a factual story with an emotional element that starts with a cold case investigation into the abduction of seven year-old little Tracey Neef from the grounds of her school in 1984. Tracey was found raped and dead a few short hours later in the cold of a Colorado winter. The author follows a trail of the bodies of children left behind by a skilled pedophilic predator and culminates with the murder and rape of JonBenet Ramsey. As each crime is researched numerous suspects surface. Circumstances, witness statements and trace evidence point to only one of these suspects. Although the author has obtained a legal opinion that the public has a right to know the identity of this suspect, his last name has been deleted from the manuscript. James Benish presents the facts of these cold case child murders in sequential order from the time of the abductions, through the years of neglected follow-ups, ignored leads, and dismissal of evidence and testimony that have left these murders in the ranks of the unsolved. This is the first time in recent history that anyone has suggested with credible logic, that there is a serial killer loose in Colorado.



About the Author 


®   Goodrich Highschool  Goodrich Michigan

®Mott Community College Flint Michigan

®   University of Michigan School of Business                                                    

®   US  Army 1966-1968


®   1972-1974 Genesee County Sheriffs Department

®   1980-1993Thornton Police Department (Detective)

®   1993-Present. Private Sector Project Management



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