Please Join me for this event. I will be speaking about Silent Scream and the Victims

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FL-missing-kids-day-2009I will be speaking at this event on Sept 14th – I will be speaking about the victims and their families of Florida Serial killer Gerard Schaefer.

Please come and join us this day. Some of his victims have never been found. But they do have a voice it is in the Book Silent ScreamNew Front Cover from Debi DeSantasThis is the voice of the victims who have been screaming silently for over thirty years. Susan Place, Georgia Jessup, Nancy Trotter, Pamela Wells, Carmen Hallock, Leigh Hainline, Debra Lowe, Collette Goodenough, Barbara Ann Wilcox, just to name a few. There are many more. Please join us this day. The missing and murdered deserve a voice as do their families.


  1. Lisa Limpert said,

    I lived right behind the Jessups. I was young but I remember the them. Her sister was a playmate of mine, I think about what happened to Georgia and this is how I found this website. I hope maybe the sister or one of the family members might e mail me. I wish I could be at this event. I was a missing child myself but they did not have the technolgy that we have today. Thankfully I was found and physically unharmed.

    • yvonnemason said,

      I am so glad you are here. I wish you could be there as well. What an honor to have you here. Please feel free to e-mail me at Silent Scream is for the girls. When I wrote the book they were the driving force behind the story and still are driving this train. I would love to add you to those who I count as my special friends.
      Thank you for sharing this with me, you have no idea how much this means to me. Another voice has been heard.

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