Gumbo Justice – Holli Castillo, Author

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Gumbo Justice


Gumbo Justice – Holli Castillo, Author – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘Ryan couldn’t keep her thoughts from drifting back to the homicides on the short drive home. L’Roid Smith had been killed in a way common among gangs members – beaten, shot in the head execution style and left naked. It was the ultimate humiliation, and the same way he had committed his own gang murders, including the one Ryan had tried to prosecute. And Jeremiah had been beaten, the same way he had beaten his wife on the case Ryan had handled.’

Ryan Murphy is a New Orleans Assistant District Attorney working to build a winning case history in the hopes of being promoted to the “Strike Force.” But she has a problem. The die-hard criminals that she prosecutes are turning up dead in the same fashion of pain and death that they bestowed on their victims. Even though this may be getting the criminals off the streets, it’s not helping Ryan with her promotion. Especially when news leaks to the media that there is a connection between Ryan and the deaths.

Gumbo Justice was a book that I actually sat up until 1:00 in the morning to finish. I had to know who was trying to ruin Ryan’s career and why. This book is so well written that as I read along I actually started seeing Ryan and the other characters in action. It could easily be made into a movie and I know the perfect actress to play Ryan. Holly Hunter plays in a TV series called “Amazing Grace.” In my opinion “Grace” is the perfect Ryan. She loves to party, get down right dirty but still get her job done.

I thoroughly enjoyed Gumbo Justice and recommend it to anyone who loves a good murder mystery. Holli Castillo’s experience as a prosecutor and public defender in the New Orleans court system comes through with the full knowledge as to how the courts really work.

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Bertha Speaks Out By Fran Lewis

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Bertha Speaks Out



Bertha is my character’s name.

Hoping to get her some glory and fame
Won’t you take a chance and read about her
Bertha Speaks Out you might prefer

She is over weight and not so cute
She is smart and very astute
Her mind works overtime and she has great wit
Never underestimating her I will admit

Resourceful and clever at weight loss camp
She hid her away her snacks this smart scamp
Dealing with tough girls and getting straight A’s
Bertha finally speaks out and changes her ways

A teacher who gave her a really hard time
Would not submit her story and that was a crime
Because her classmates rated it the best
She would not sit still or give it a rest

Although she might not have gone about all the right way
She finally spoke out and had her own day
To express to her parents how she really did feel
You need to read my book Bertha has great appeal.

Fran and Bertha


The reason I wrote Bertha Fights Back is because of 9/11. I was still teaching and two days before one of the students that I taught for two years in  a row in a special reading class of special kids came to say hello when she brought her nephew to school. About a month later her mother came to say hello with her grandson and I asked about my Janine and how she was doing never knowing, until she told me, that she was killed in the first tower on Sept. 11. I dedicated the book to her and to all those who lost loved ones and friends due to the nearsightedness of the people who killed so many people for no reason. fran
This Book is Due out soon!


Bertha Fights Back – Fran Lewis, Author

Added by Ann B. Keller on June 25, 2009 at 8:35pm

There are several elements of truth in this story and Bertha Fights Back will grow on you as it gains momentum.  What begins as a narration of the cruelties inflicted upon an overweight teenager by her cousin, Penelope Mia, quickly changes into a statement of our modern society.

Unfortunately, this is a time in which teenagers somehow manage to threaten teachers and school officials with guns and knives, where fellow students are held hostage by the whims of a few overeager street toughs and learning often takes a backseat to sheer survival.  Bertha herself is plunged into the midst of this conflict and is forced to prove herself, despite prejudice, other people’s lack of faith and the doublts of many of those around her.  Indeed, Bertha comes of age in this story, being transformed from a wounded young girl into a crusader for all that is good and honorable.

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The Mammalian Way by Gary James

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The Mammalian Way


“The Mammalian Way”. Although written in a romance novel style it conveys a clinical expose of two new theories in the social sciences that explain how “The Pleasure Principle” operates as part of a much larger psychological paradigm either for or against the human condition.

 While still a teenager in college I read the works of Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rodgers, B.F. Skinner, and Jean Piaget. I sensed even then the social sciences needed a more complete paradigm to explain the basic psychology of human behavior although at the time I was far too timid to say so. As I took it upon myself to search for an accurate more complete picture of the human condition, after college, I went to work professionally in the grass roots area of production and for more than 30 years I made a living there. This vocation provided the perfect fodder for my psychology-sociology research because as a producer of the arts & entertainment it enabled me to interact with many thousands of the most diverse personalities and behavior patterns in people from all over the world.

 I currently write & host an Internet radio show, topics include, arts & entertainment for new and existing artists. I also discovered I have a strong aptitude for writing accurate, useful Social Theory. I have written theory for the American law as well as Health & Wellness industries.

 I recently finished a book titled, “The Mammalian Way”. Although written in a romance novel style it conveys a clinical expose of two new theories in the social sciences that explain how “The Pleasure Principle” operates as part of a much larger psychological paradigm either for or against the human condition.

 Virtually anyone past the age of puberty can benefit from reading “The Mammalian Way” in that by assimilating the information found there into everyday life, this can help to make the human condition as well as all relationships encountered from teenage years onward, more pleasurable and less painful.

 Be it the first kiss, the first date, the first time for sex, or anytime thereafter, and regardless of ones spirituality, “The Mammalian Way” is there. No one can escape it because it is such an integral part of the human condition, the place where all human mammalian instincts prevail. Although it’s true value lay undiscovered until now, “The Mammalian Way” works for us, or even against us if we are unaware of it’s consequences when we ignore or when we don’t even know it’s rules. This is so because “The Mammalian Way” protects the human species at the most basic level of life even if such protection means bringing chronic pain to the heart or to our everyday lives. Accurate knowledge of “The Mammalian Way” can indeed empower us and bring more pleasure, less pain into our lives. All this is the importance of the knowledge shared in a fun, fast paced, & easy to read book.    

 “The Mammalian Way” is rated “R” for sensual/sexual content as well as frank language about instinctive sexuality between the genders. However, there are no nude photos. Know “The Mammalian Way”. Bring more pleasure & less pain to life.





Why are women the key to understanding “The Mammalian Way”? Simple: “THE MAMMALIAN WAY” has been out on the surface and visible behavior in men’s lives for thousands of years. We’ve become used to it. We watch men engage in “Perversions of Honor” (POH) all the time but just never realized it as such. In women, the Mammalian Way has been more of a subterranean thing because they had to hide their true empowerment because women were considered chattel (and in some circles they still are). So when chattel acts out the “Pendulum Swing of Insecurity” (PSOI) something that runs counter to what men call “common sense”, men would label such behavior “cnt logic” and walk away. All men did not like this or want to abide by this notion but most went along with it for a long time. That is until recently when women the world over have risen up to become a great army. The essence of what we see in the women’s empowerment movement for example is in part “The Mammalian Way” that has come of age.


(As a side note, what I found to be amazing as I collected my data was whether on the surface or subterranean both psychological defense mechanisms in humans developed at very much the same rate of speed, slowly over a long period of time. It’s a testament to the adaptability of human instincts to be sure). Meanwhile,


If we are to survive as a species then we can’t dwell on what was. We need to focus on what is and embrace what can be. It’s time to have our mammalian instincts work for us and not against us as much as possible. And that begins with at least a brief study of women.


In the book titled, “The Rules” a woman is likened to, “A creatures like no other”. I agree with that observation. Women are also very much like a bouquet of flowers, beautiful and basically unpredictable because each flower is unique.


Yet, for a man to understand a woman is actually quite possible so long as he understands and applies the tenets of “The Mammalian Way”. As a part of this understanding a man needs develop as much as possible, an ability to listen to a woman lament about her life as she swings on the PSOI. Learning to listen to women lament about their life is a part of observing her “tells”. And this is important because how a woman contends with satiating her insecurity is what helps make each woman a unique flower and these things make up the key to what seems impossible, namely, to understand a woman. 


And here’s how. If a man uses his power of observation with respect to a woman’s PSOI he will often find it to be an honorable thing indeed because he will likely win the trust of that woman enough to where her emotional nakedness in front of him becomes possible. If a man has the courage to observe her emotional nakedness (through listening to her lament e.g.) it is truly one of the highest compliments she can pay to a man because emotional nakedness only comes with profound trust and is almost always followed by “A” grade sex and a measure of kingly treatment for a man. And I tell you this for certain, as of the copyright of this book “A” grade sex is something very few men have experienced.


In other words, for a man to get to the place he instinctively wants to be (a place where there is sex & honor and plenty of it) in an imperfectly safe world men must understand that women will remain unpredictable and next to impossible figure out because it’s in their nature. However, if a man adheres to “The Mammalian Way” this fact becomes irrelevant because in due time if a man obeys the rules of “The Mammalian Way” she will eventually and instinctively honor him by revealing herself to him. All he needs to do is take the lead in observing & listening as she deals with her PSOI. And just like she is “A creature like no other” he will likely become a more proper, “Critter like no other” in her eyes. This is a win-win scenario with more pleasure & less pain in a relationship.




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The Warrior By Thomas Paul Sternerhowe

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The Warrior  is a novel of approximately 312,000 words.  It is set at the end of a cataclysmic five year global war.  The year is 2010 and the planet is in a state of chaos.  Wulf leaves his family and the beautiful Lylia,  descends into the Earth to seek a place of refuge for his People.  He is accompanied by his comrade-in-arms the Cajun, Angelo.

            Once in the “Labyrinth”, they are accosted by blood-thirsty mutant creatures and a raging assassin.  Wulf faces many perils, not the least of which is the truth about himself.  Is he a “Climber”, a soul thief, vampire victim of a four hundred year curse?

            The Patron knows, watching from his lair, “The Night Room”.  The naked ladies dance on his fiery stages as he watches and manipulates Wulf.  Lylia finds him there, on the wrong side of the one-way glass.  She is raped and beaten, cold as ice and forced to dance.  Still she stands proud and proves to be more than the wicked Patron can handle.,  He laughs as she makes her danse, gives her the tattoed skin of her raper as a gift, sends his head to Wulf.

            Wulf emerges from the Labyrinth with the sultry lady doctor, Jennifer.  She has saved him, shared the secrets of the Labyrinth and her brother, Hood.  He discovers “After Earth”, a ship buried in the Earth and surrounded by the Labyrinth. He and Jennifer join Wulf’s Children, find Lylia gone and a world gone mad.

            Wulf rides with The Lords of the Dragon into the stronghold of the United Republic of Allied Continents (YURASS) to seek peace, only to be attacked by the merciless assassin from the Labyrinth.  He returns to his home in the Great Stone Mountains, finds he has been betrayed by his brother and Boss Tongue, field commander of  The Lords of the Dragon.

            Finally he begins to listen to the metal voice from the Labyrinth.  He makes plans to go with Jennifer, his Children and a handful of faithful riders from the Lords, into the Earth.  The YURASS strikes and the enemy from the Land of the Rising Sun.  An exodus begins as people in the cities hear about the wolf man going to live with the spiders and snakes.  Wulf welcomes them and waits with his comrades and Children, one thousand feet under the Earth, for the final ending to begin.


Tom {WordWulf} Sterner

2360 Shining Star Way

Redding, CA  96003

{720} 890-7217


Madman Chronicles: The Warrior now available at:



A compelling read!   
Daniel Meyer

An epic and compelling adventure. An artful blending of motorcycles and the unique souls who ride them, clashing cultures, family love, the loyalty and honor of friends, stunning betrayals, and inconceivable evil all swirling in a land teetering between apocalypses. Join Wulf as he leads his people into the labyrinth, part of which is a futuristic underground habitation that just might be their salvation…or something much, much more.

Vero Beach

Immerse yourself in this voyeuristic world with a junket through a timeless labyrinth and an abyss of imagination. The book is like an all day multi layered tasty jawbreaker – very complex and delightfully mystical down to the very last bit. The story opens at the conclusion of the world conflict in the year 2010 with Wulf saying a farewell to his loved and trusted friend, Hood. The farewell is an elaborate high ceremony at the Stone Mountains behind the City of the Rock. Wulf is a descendant of the North American Peoples and a member of Lord of the Dragon. He created a community known as the Cave of the Dark Heart. With help from the ancient Book of the See, Wulf along with his staunch companion, genus Cajun Angelo, boldly search for a secure haven for his people. The reader will jump in and out of dreams into nightmares in a flash of a thundercrack. In one mad dream Wulf experiences an intense vision of “ a worm crawled out of her mouth, white and fat, burrowing itself between her bleeding lips, feeding.” Meet the soul hopping Patron who is “fueled by hate and a burning lust for revenge”. There is nothing cookie cutter about this book. It has a distinct style all its own. It is written with an elaborate herculean and provocative style. This book aggressively takes on in limitless futuristic action the very human elements of mistrust, fears, abuse, sex, tenderness, love, and the dynamics in all relationships. This is not a book you can skim. The author vibrantly interweaves creativity, intensity and exquisite detail. Mr. Sternerhowe also provides music that may be downloaded from his site that correlates to the chapters in the book. A unique concept that should not be missed by the reader. The Madman Chronicles: The Warrior offers an adult cerebral momentousness makings of a first rate epic. Sherry Russell Author/reviewer

Warrior,The Madman Chronicles   

Having read just three chapters, I knew I needed to add it to my collection. This is a fast paced, well thought out book with multi themes that require you to read slowly. I am looking forward to its arrival. The characters are not only drawn well, but have had flesh and blood added to them everyone. I am looking forward to the whole book.

Warrior, The: Madman Chronicles   
Arvada, Colorado USA

What a ride! I couldn’t put it down! The characters are so real that you feel what they feel as if you’re one of them (you definitely want to be). This novel keeps you on your toes anxiously waiting for what will happen next! You’ll ride a rollercoaster of emotions from cheering to crying! Thanks to this thrill ride I’ve been to the Great Stone Mountains, the family Wulf spiritual ground, and felt the hope of After Earth. Read this novel and you’ll have been there too! I can’t wait for the next one! To the author…Word! Wulf!

Madman Chronicles: The Warrior   
United States

” Madman Chronicles : The Warrior ” By Thomas Paul ( Wordwulf ) Sterner Howe Reviewer : Paul Berube, Author/Poet SternerHowe’s novel is a futuristic shocker containing something for everyone. This excellent work of fiction will keep you on the edge of your seat and glued to it’s pages from start to finish. Join SternerHowe in this wild ride through the bat and giant spider infested caves of THE LABYRINTH or the beauty of AFTER EARTH. Walk walls with Wulf and Andrew or leap into a soul or two with The Patron. Enjoy the cajun humor of Angelo or the eroticism of Lila and beauty of Jennifer. Cry, laugh, love and sing with the entire cast of characters or just fly through Vera’s world of Cyberspace. Whatever your preference you are truly in for the treat of a lifetime. This novel is definitely an outstanding read.

A true man   

You will absolutely marvel as you join Wulf in his action packed journey in the not so distant future. Witness the heroics as him and his comrade the Cajun, Angelo perform heroic feats and obstacles. This book is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat just waiting to turn the page. The details make you feel as if you are right there living this adventure with our new found friend Wulf. Thomas Sternerhowe shows great talent and skill in his writings. This is most definitely a book you will want to read again and again!!


The Warrior: Madman Chronicles    Saturday 24 of January, 2004 [21:11:39 UTC

I have just finished reading this extraordinary novel and wanted to let you know (and any others who read this) what an incredible masterpiece it is. For those of us who have read your writings and heard your music this novel represents a consummation of it all! I will (and have been) recommend this read to anyone who is willing to listen! Put the CD with it and you (the reader) will have an already awesome experience heightened beyond belief. There really aren’t words to express (especially to someone who says them so well) what I get from your words and music! Fist extended to you Wulf…Word!



There was no air to breathe, nothing to pull into his tortured lungs. His internal organs screamed, his chest bound, ragged breaths coming in short wheezing gasps. Wulf was awake, fallen into a nightmare world beyond compare, where? A stinking odor of musk owned the rancid air. His body was bound by tens of thousands of sticky rope things. Tensing his muscles, he could break ten of them, a hundred, but there were hundreds of hundreds and they held his body fast. It was impossible for him to move.

Each time he attempted to escape, Wulf became further entangled, his movement restricted more and more. Each shortened and struggling breath made a tightening of the rope threads that held him bound. Once more he was forced to push away his mounting panic in an attempt to get his bearings. As he gathered his wits about him, his mind barely able to assimilate the information received from his eyes and body, he entered a realm of fear and disbelief beyond anything previously experienced.

The sticky strings bounced this way and that. A silent shadow inched its way toward him. Out of nowhere the horrendous Mother of all wolf spiders was hovering over him. Her spider feet picked their way nearer, touching him here and there, probing the outside edges of the form his body made. She was aware of his waking, examining the bonds of the prison she had created for him. She had him solidly wrapped in the corner of the web she had constructed around him, pulling him up from the floor in her spider way. As she moved he saw a fine silk sac hanging a few feet from his head. It swayed back and forth, a silken womb in a darkened room. He could only imagine the thousands of tiny round spider eggs in the sac. His body shuddered violently and tears ran from his eyes as he became acutely aware of his rightful place in the scheme of things. A shrieking in his head wailed, “Food chain…spider brain!”

Wulf’s mind careened out of control. He babbled incoherently as he felt it let go. He was gone and that was so fine, until… His body ached so terribly in forever places as he sensed a tugging on the strands of silk holding him in a mortal embrace. Ignoring the pain, he twisted his head around. His eyes came to rest on the dripping fangs of his captor. There was a wildly squirming
bat hanging from them. It was still very much alive. Through the fuzz of his vision Wulf could see she hadn’t yet begun the process of draining the life fluids from its flying rat body. Its small beady eyes were shock-glazed over. Its filthy little fuzzy chest was rising and falling rapidly, the trip hammer of its heart beating double time with the effort of its futile struggle.

Wulf giggled and burbled, “Die Mister Bat.” His body shook with his unwarranted and completely senseless fear of the tiny winged animal. The inside of his half-crazed mind exploded with the absurd command, “Just eat the fucking thing you spider bitch!” He attempted to close his eyes but they were fastened on the doomed creature, mesmerized by its death throes. He felt hate in his soul for the merciless glistening fangs that held the poor damned thing. He would soon bear witness his own impending death. His other mind spoke, “We are one, little flying bat.” The voice whispered in his head, “Our twin fates are sealed and so be it. You will haunt me no more. We will hold our eyes open in the face of eternity, at the feast on our mortality. You are fortunate to be first, then done and through with her spider madness!” As if she could read his thoughts, the spider inched forward, legs lifting high in her exaggerated spider-walking. She was smooth and then stopped in a strobe-light danse of evil. Wulf heard all the things she did in a halting slow motion, the monster sound of her demented movements, smooth and whispers… whispers… bitch!

The bat gave a terrified squeal as she hooked it with the mating claw of her front leg and sprang at Wulf. She was so much quicker than his horrified mind could assimilate. He felt himself freefalling into a lunatic void. She wrapped herself around his head, the stiffness of his filthy matted hair, the stinking scent of her musk assailing him. He screamed at her and into her as
she shoved the struggling and bleeding bat into his mouth. She held him open with her claws, entering him, shoving the pathetic creature down his constricting throat. His choking and gagging were of no consequence to her. Against every bit of will he had left, he felt his throat accept what she offered, his body swallowing.

She pulled herself from inside him, slammed his mouth shut, wrapped her body tightly around his face. She held him thus until his retching and heaving subsided. Wulf was a thing of her embrace, a necessary link in the chain of her evolution, mutation. He was an unwilling patient, a
prisoner in her bleeding hospital. He would eat when she decided to feed him. And feed him she did. He spent the remainder of the most terrifying night of his life being fattened up on bats and spider milk, whatever else she found trapped and squirming in her killing web. The fight had gone out of him but she held him fast. He drank of her with his lips, his tongue probing the sac of her juice, sucking her dry. She held his head in a warm embrace, tending to him constantly, taking no nourishment herself. She was preparing for the long sleep. Her purpose for living was nearly over, eternity close at hand.

Wulf’s hairy hostess finally decided he had been fed enough. Perhaps she had simply run out of squirming, fighting, scratching and bleeding things to shove down his whore of a throat. She busied herself with repairs to her web, strengthening it where it attached to the floor and the wall. Wulf stared wide-eyed, with a morbid sense of fascination and impending doom as she worked. He watched as her abdominal spinnerets spewed forth fine silk, wrapping unidentifiable things, patching rents in the web and tending to the cocoon-like sac of her young. Her eight legs never stopped moving. They were a thousand fold, scratching and brutally raping the mouth and throat of him.

Now that she had left him alone he teetered on the very fringe of madness. He was nauseated by the writhing, biting and body fluids leaking, filthy crawling things of the earth he had been force fed. That is very well and good, his mind told itself. You don’t have to accept her offerings like the whore of your body. Then he would see her sac of eggs hanging, swinging back and forth, slow/fast like her and his mind would take yet another turn into and upon itself.

She was so busy all at once, her womb sac swaying madly, touching the web at each end of its arc. Pendulum, Wulf thought, pendulum. For his new terror he imagined the tens of thousands of baby wolf spiders clawing their way out of their eggs. They would use their tiny egg tooth, sharp and already mean. Their spider legs would crawl up and out of the sac, through its thin wall of Mother’s silk. They would be hungry… no, starving… voraciously starving, injecting their tiny needle fangs into him, twenty thousand of their needles, fastening themselves to every available surface area on his body, eyes, face, genitals.. And inside, drinking the essence of his mortal life from the inside and out, the outside and in, eating him alive in slow painful little pieces.

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Crazy For The Storm by Norman Ollestad Reviewed by Fran Lewis

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Crazy For The Storm


Crazy for the Storm by Norman Ollestad

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Survival can be defined as many different things. You can survive or overcome an illness or a disease. You can survive an earthquake, hurricane and even when your parents divorce. But, how do you survive and learn cope with watching your father die right in front of you? Even with the wherewithal and knowledge and skills to cope and deal with insurmountable situations, the outcome is not always what you want or hope for. This brings us to Crazy for the Storm by Norman Ollestad.


Norman Ollestad was excited.  Boarding a chartered Cessna in Santa Monica and heading for the mountains of Big Bear to receive his first place trophy in skiing, little did any of the passengers on this small plane know that their fate was sealed.  Not long into the flight the unthinkable happened. It crashed in the San Gabriel Mountains. On the aircraft were his father, his father’s girlfriend and the pilot and Norman.


The author tells of the courage, fortitude, persistence and never-ending determination of an 11-year-old child who will not give up on life. Alternating chapters between the plane crash and what led up to his winning his first trophy, the author draws the reader inside the mind of the character. Not only does he describe in vivid detail the crash and the impact it had on Norman, but the heroic efforts he made to try and safe the other passengers.


Norman’s father was a man who demanded perfection from him and made sure that he always strived to be number one in everything that he did. Insisting that he ski, surf and play hockey, his father set up grueling practice sessions, which went beyond the normal realm of a child’s endurance and capabilities. Throughout the novel the author envelops the reader inside the mind of the father and his one goal: Making Norman tough, able to survive on his own and teaching him never to give up at anything. Failures are forgotten and the next success is what is focused on.


Intertwined with this his Nick, his mother’s boyfriend a second dominate figure in Norman’s life. Nick, living an unfulfilled life, constantly drunk and preaching his ideas to Norman. Inflicting punishments on him when he lied, or disobeyed him. Insisting that in order to become a better person he would have to excel in school, eat the way he felt he should, not the way he did, and follow his rules or pay the consequences.


As the chapters alternated between the crash and what life was like living on the beach, the reader becomes so immersed in both, the you become one with Norman as he describes how he finally gets down and to safety. Next, you become frustrated, angered and sad at the way he was treated by a man who expected him to be what he felt he should be. Both men wanted to mold Norman into their perfectly sculpted model of what an 11 year old should be and aspire to. His father demanded that he ski and surf regardless of the weather conditions or how dangerous it might be. At times you feel like yelling at him and telling him to stop and cut him some slack. Yet, if not for the hard-nosed way he taught him to succeed and never give up, Norman might not be here to recount his amazing story.


Nick, on the other hand, when Norman is finally brought to safety, finally imparts on him that he does not want him to be another him. He is trying, but not always the right way, to get him to be more than he is and ever will be.


Called the Golden Child by his father he learns to stretch him beyond his physical capabilities. He did not allow him to make choices when it came to how many runs they would make during practice. The memories of his childhood helped him survive and made him the adult he is today.


Living life in the 1970’s and experiencing what he did can make anyone want to have experienced much of what he was exposed to and did.  But, the hardest thing he had to do was living up to his father’s expectations of him and Nicks. Trying to always prove you to others is hard but for Norman he not only had these two men but his friends where he lived too.


Imagine having to see your father frozen in the snow and still not believing that he is gone. Imagine trying to safe another life and you can’t even with all of your knowledge and skill of skiing.


However, in the back of his mind throughout the book he always hears his father’s voice telling him to go on and never gives up.

Survival, courage, persistence, diligence and much more are only some words to describe him, even now.


After telling about the crash and what led up to it, Norman decides 27 years later to investigate the reason that the plane went down.  Unfortunately, nothing can bring back his father, his girlfriend or the pilot, but we all need closure and we all need answers. Now, a father of a 6-year-old boy, Norman tries to balance the way he teaches his son Noah trying not to impose his passions on his son. Yet, in his words, “he feels obligated to expose Noah to my fathers’ passionate nature, his ability to live life to the fullest. Managing these opposing forces has always been a difficult balance.”


Finally, I did watch the video and read many articles about the crash. Listening to Norman’s words as an adult and watching the videos of the crash made this story even more real. Seeing him as an 11 year old child and listening to him recount the events, brought tears to my eyes, as did the ending of this book. I can tell you now that wherever your father is he is beaming at his Golden Child and proud of the man and father you have become.


I would more than recommend this that I read in one sitting and could not put down.

I review books for

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Celtic Evil By Sierra Rose

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Celtic Evil


The first in a five part paranormal series in which five brothers must each face their own personal challenge against a foe that seeks to destroy their very line.


Once a world famous young singing group, the Fitzgerald Brothers of Fitzgaren, Ireland believed they had it all.  Until an ancient witch took the lives of their parents and ended up separating them


Now, it has been fifteen years and that evil has returned to finish the job since the long-time family prophecy has said it will only take one of the five brothers to fall in death or surrender to evil to make it fail.


Reuniting for the first time since their parents deaths, the brothers must get past the pain, their differences and years apart to begin stopping the threat,.


Roarke Fitzgerald, the fourth born son, has been many things in his twenty-six years but mainly he has been running from his past since the fateful day he witnessed his parents’ murder.


Now, forced to return to the land of his birth to face his shame and pain to protect those he cares for from harm or all that he loves will end.  Can he do that or will his own demons destroy his chance for peace and love.


Can he forget his past and the bitterness he left behind and reform a bond between his brothers that many, both within their family and without, have worked hard to shred?

 It will take all his power and that if his brothers to take the first step in defeating the demon who sought his death so long ago and now will seek it again if he cannot face and overcome this first challenge.


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1- By  Joseph Perrone Jr. “Joe Perrone Jr.” – See all my reviews
     Here is a Celtic tale woven with imagination and energy. Miss Rose has a flair for dialogue, and captures the authentic feel of Ireland in this fast-paced, exciting novel of witches and magic. If you’re a fan of this type of book (who isn’t?), you must read “Celtic Evil.” Good job, Miss Rose. My bad; I hit 4-stars, it should have been 5-stars.

2- The characters are intriguing, the story is captivating, July 11, 2009
By  D. Fortney – See all my reviews
     Wow! From the first page to the last page author Sierra Rose keeps the reader entertained and engaged. The characters are intriguing, the story is captivating. I look forward to reading the future installments of this series.

3- Unique and well-written, June 28, 2009
By  Holly Christine “” (Pittsburgh, PA) – See all my reviews
Independent author Sierra Rose has successfully developed an intriguingly unique paranormal romance series. Celtic Evil takes place in Dublin and tells the story of Roarke, the fourth born in the Fitzgerald “circle of five.”

The first in the Fitzgerald Brother series, Roarke is filled with magic, charm and enchantment. The Prologue introduces the reader to the evil Sebastian, casting a spell of destruction on the family five: “A circle of light, a circle of five. Five into one, one becomes five to unite the circle and protect the light.” The novel is filled with an exceptional combination of poetic prose and thrills.

Roarke’s story is unique because as a witness to the murder of his parents, he has led an emotionally troubled youth. After years of keeping his secret safe, he is forced to deal with his painful memories in order to keep those closest to him safe. Roarke’s story is one of redemption and love.

Well-written and equally spellbinding, Sierra Rose has developed a creative series with characters to love and adore. Her research is deeply imaginative. Sierra’s website features an in-depth character list, causing the reader to patiently ponder the next in the series. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews   

4- Enjoy the Paranormal, July 22, 2009
By  Wicked Sunny (Kolkata, India) – See all my reviews
“An excellent novel that follows well with its genre. Interesting characters that seem to come alive, well-written scenes. Those who enjoy the paranormal will like this book.” Help other customers find the most helpful reviews   

Sierra Rose Books Online Website:

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Murder Madness and Love By Yoland Renee

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Murder Madness and Love


One year ago, Sarah Palmer’s husband died in a tragic car crash. Suspicions over her husband’s death landed her in a maelstrom of vicious gossip, and she was soon labeled as the black widow of Seattle, Washington. Despite proclaiming her innocence, the police still believe otherwise, and Sarah’s credibility is even more in doubt when she takes over as chairman of the board for her husband’s company, and returns to her hometown, Anchorage, Alaska.


Detective Steven Quaid is the Anchorage Police Department’s top investigator. When he’s called in to protect Sarah from a mysterious stalker, he’s not entirely sure she isn’t behind the scheme herself. Before long, the beautiful widow has him wound up tighter than barbed wire. Is Sarah a victim or a very skilled manipulator?


All too soon, Steven has fallen in love with Sarah, and he needs to decide where his loyalties lie. But one of the police department’s best and brightest detectives may just be in over his head, especially when the facts start pointing to a conclusion he isn’t willing to face. With a killer on the loose and a climbing body count, Steven can’t afford to hedge his bets—or his life.


About Yolanda Renee:


Although a native Pennsylvanian, in 1975 I chose to follow my adventurous spirit, which led me to Alaska. I first spent time in Fairbanks working for Pioneer Alaska Express, a trucking company that hauled the pipe north. Soon I was given the opportunity to work in a field camp in the Brooks Range during the building of the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline.  


When jobs were open for women on the line in 1976, I was hired as an Assistant Field Engineer for Bechtel. I began my job in Dietrich Camp in the Brooks Range. I had an opportunity to explore and hike the mountains before the appearance of grizzlies made that impossible. I moved north as the line moved and my last camp was called Happy Valley, situated just south of Prudhoe Bay. When the 48″ pipeline was finished, I stayed on to help with the construction of the 8″ gas line from Prudhoe Bay to Pump Station #4. I traveled the state of Alaska and have seen many of its wonders. From Valdez to Prudhoe Bay, I had an experience that I will always treasure.  


 I am currently working on the next two novels in the Detective Quaid series: #2 Murder, Madness, and Memories, and #3 Murder, Madness, and Obsession. My novels are set in Alaska, because to me it will always be the most beautiful and exciting place on earth. Alaska is the only place I have ever felt at home, and to relieve my homesickness – the only cure is a visit if not a permanent move.


I also interview other authors and artists on my Blog Talk Radio Show called Renee’s Book Talk. Check it out and give me a call to say hi. (347) 215-9536 will allow you to listen to the show and if you want to talk to my guest or me just hit the one key. My show is on Thursday night at 9:00 PM EST. I am also a panelist on TMV Hot Topics another BTR show that covers current affairs – with three other great authors/hosts such as E. W. Bradfute aka The Mortal Vampire, M. J. host and producer extraordinaire, and Morgan Lawrence, author of The Streets Ran Red. Join us on Wednesday night at 9:00 PM EST – for a lively discussion on anything and everything!  


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The Travelers and The Unauthorized Autobiography of Richard Burns By Walt Long

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The Travelers


It’s late summer of 1986 in multi-cultural New Mexico, and the escalating problem of illegal immigration is nearing a crisis level. The nation is demanding some sort of effective reform, while anti-immigration “hate” groups are beginning to appear in frightening numbers. Just as congress is nearing passage of the Mazzoli-Simpson Immigration Reform Act – which will grant amnesty to an estimated three million illegals – Henry “Mickey” McAllister sets into motion his audacious plan to smuggle large numbers of “wetbacks” across the border from Ciudad Juarez into the tranquil Rio Grande Valley. Things become complicated when Mickey falls in love with an attractive young immigrant while two maniacal rednecks embark on a racially motivated killing spree. The explosive climax is a virtual sub-plot to the emotional and moral roller coaster of simple people grappling with bigger-than-life issues.





Unauthorized Autobigraphy of Richard BurnsAt the age of twenty-five, he was pulled down from the top of the wall at 4 AM trying to escape from the State Penitentiary in Guadalajara, and thrown into a dark, smelly dungeon for seven months…and that wasn’t even the lowest point of his life. It was never easy for Richard Burns, from a troubled adolescence through years of incredible and dangerous adventures. He followed and chased uncertainty with the great beat generation writers, a beautiful heroin-addicted dancer, clever scams, harrowing escapes, and short-sighted ventures that always tempted fate. The one constant in his life was the apparent truism that life is forgiving, and always offers another chance.

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Inclinations by David Harrington

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Replete with angels and mythical creatures, Inclinations is a strange and allegorical mixture of poetry and prose.  Based on a series of mystical and esoteric visions, this collection of short stories and poems covers a wide variety of themes including faith, Judgment, mysticism and spiritual warfare.  With a bit of prophecy clouded in the metaphor of sacred language, one must decide where to interpret the text literally and where to interpret it figuratively. 

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