DMR By Daniel Trask

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As a published author and the sister of a challenged sibling who was born during the early 1050’s when there were no resources and most if not all of the challenged were placed in institutions and forgotten or put in the back room of a family’s home and forgotten Daniel Task’s book DMR hit me between the eyes.
My sibling was blessed with a family and a support group who loved him and encouraged him to succeed at a time when success was not an option. However, during the course of my lifetime, I have seen challenged indiviuals who were not so blessed.
DMR brings that home to roost. Daniel takes his reader into the minds of these beautifully different people who only want acceptence as we all do.One of his characters by the name of Stanley( which is also my sibling’s name who is challenged) only wants love, and respect. It is clearly indicated that he had been abused by care givers at one time because he was different. Sean the current caregiver appears to get great delight in Stanley reliving the horror of that abuse.
Juilian a lost soul in a trapped mind. Daniel shows us how our ignorance or stupidty of accepting the challenged affects those who are challenged in his dealings with Juilian. Juilian a kind soul who always has a smile who is much smarter than he is given credit for. This is shown the day John forces him to get up to get ready for work. Juilian knew he was not supposed to go to work that day. But, John didn’t.
The moral is we as “normal” people think and really believe the challenged are stupid and don’t have any sense at all.
The reality is they are sometimes much smarter than we are.
The poignant love of Ralph and Rose pulled at my heart. This is so true with the challenged. They want to have normal relationships w ith the opposite sex. They want someone who loves them unconditionally. The want what we have. Some would say that is wrong. My question is why? That is for you the reader to decide.
Daniel takes the reader into places they really don’t want to go. Maybe it is fear, maybe it is the fact that we refuse to believe that the challenged are just like the rest of us with wants, needs, desires and goals and dreams. Maybe we don’t want to believe that simply because un our own way each of us are also challenged and often fall very short of our wants dreams goals and desires. We fear that which we don’t understand. Daniel Trask has broken down that door of fear. He has made each of us face our own demons by facing those of the characters of DMR.
This book should be in the hands of every teacher, social worker and judge. This book should be required reading for every person who goes into the special education field either as a teacher or social worker.
Daniel Trask has captured the essence of the challenged and prejiduce facing them.
This book is a must read.


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