Release of Brilliant Insanity July 22,2008

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Brilliant Insanity   Louis Reinhart has five days to live before he is injected with the lethal cocktail.  Louis Reinhart has been given permission to tell the world his side of the story.

     The story which was not allowed to be told in court.

    The Fort Pierce Sentinel has agreed to send a reporter to interview Reinhart. However, Reinhart has been very specific as to which reporter he will agree to talk to.

    Her name is Mandy McQuaid. She is a rookie reporter. This is her first job and she is stuck in the obit section of the paper. Even though the Editor is not happy about Reinhart’s request, he sends Mandy to conduct the interview.

    Reinhart has his own agenda. He believes he was justified in his quest for retribution and he wants to share it with the world. Not only does he want to share it with the world, but it is very important that he share it with Mandy.

   As Reinhart draws Mandy into his web of lies, and narcissistic behavior one wonders where the next bend in the road leads. What surprise, what evil will pop out to shock and amaze even the most seasoned reader.

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Fourth of July- A Roll Call

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  The Fourth of July. The day of American Independence. The Day America no longer wanted or needed English Rule. The day America was born.

   This day did not come without sacrifice or blood. This day did not come about simple because it was willed into being.

  The Fourth of July happened because there were men and women who believed in Hope, Sacrifice, Freedom and the American Dream. They were willing to pay the ultimate price for that dream- The dream for those who would come after. The dream for those they knew they would leave behind.

   The Fourth of July was a dream which became real because those men and women didn’t believe that any price was too large to pay including their lives.

   Since that day long ago men and women have continued to serve. They have been willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep freedom, hope and America safe.

    Yes, some of those wars were not popular- some were political in nature. However, our men and women went gladly.

  They knew they had a job to do and they were willing to do it.

   Some of the wars include, The Revolutionary War, The War of Southern Aggression, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam(the war that wrongly slapped those who served in the face.) That war is the one we need to step back and say a very heartfelt THANKS and I’m Sorry for being so mad at you. The Gulf War, Bosonia, Somilia, Iraq, Desert Storm, War of 1812, French and Indian War, The Great Alamo War(Mexican War), The Spanish- American War.

  I am sure I have left out some. The point is we have men and women down through out history and present day who have chosen to put their life in Harm’s Way for those of us left behind. They have left family and friends, homes and jobs to keep us safe.

   Today we honor these men and women. We give all of them the thanks and support they have earned and deserve. We pay tribute to those who stepped up to the plate and stood for something. They are the reason we have a Fourth of July. They are the reason we can sit down to bar-b-ques and shoot off fireworks.

   They are the reason we are still free.


           Charles W Robertson(Deceased) 20 years Air Force

         Jack Sumidajski Vietnam Vet (Bless You)

         Author of “The Utopi that Once Was”

        John Robinson (A Contractor embedded with the Marines in Afganistan)

        Ryan (Can’t use his last name – special Forces)

       Cory Tyler KIA IRAQ (2007)

       Bart Burton (Washington)

       Nick Marchese Marine Iraq

      C.L Robinson Vet WWII

      Lee Backstron Vet WWII Pearl Harbor the day it was bombed

      Fred Williams WWII

        Jack Sewell WWII 

      John Sewell Vet Navy Seal

      Doyle Sewell Vet Navy

       Staff Sgt Joseph Weiglein KIA Iraq 214 Inf BN 10th Mountain Div

       Alex Lima Marine

       Adam Carlson Nat’l Guard       

       Lawrence Reed

       Lawrence Reed, JR    

       Robert Reed

        William Reed

         John Pryor

         William Pryor

         Richard Simpson Koren War Vet

          Steven Campanella Air Force

         Men and Women Post 7508 Old Bridge NJ

         Men and Women VFW Post Old Bridge and Monroe Towneship NJ

          Jeffery Burlaga Marine- Vet Gulf War

          Mike Miller Iraq

          Homer Corley Koren War Vet

           Kenneth Corley WWII Vet

            William Corley WWII Vet

            Robert Corley Vet Vietnam (A special Thank you)

           David Skidmore Vet Vietnam (A special Thank you)

            DJ Brian Nolan

             Barry Mathes

         Dave Shaines

         James E Lewandowski

        Micheal Burghardt Gunnery Sgt

           Tim Bolbecker

             Ruben Roberts Revolutionary War Vet

            James Vietnam War Vet ( A special Thank you)

           Mike Vietnam War Vet ( A Special Thank you)

           Gene Dechalet Vietnam War Vet ( A Special Thank you)

            Willard Holland Vietnam War Vet ( A Special Tank you)

             William Sharpe

             Jacob Carlson Air Force

            John Anderson Vietnam(  A Special Thank you)

              John Halcom Vietnam Vet ( A Special Thank you)

              Dave Powers Marine

              Mickey McMurtery

              Carlos Rose Air Force

             Happy Gray from Triad Pictures on his way to Iraq ( Be Safe come home safe)   

   To the Men and Women who have high security jobs and we are not allowed to name you on paper- We Salute you

    I am sure there are more who I have not gotten to those we say Thank you.

   Today of all days- Say THANK YOU to all who served – have served and are going to serve. These men and women are the real heros. We owe them our very life.

   They are the reason for the FOURTH OF JULY.

    Bless you one and all.

    Yvonne Mason, Author

   Stan’s Story, A Touch of Love

   Tangled Minds

   Brilliant Insanity, soon to be released

   Silent Scream, Soon to be released  

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