Salute to Those Who Serve

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Even though we are a few days away from the Holiday known as the 4th of July, I wanted to do this article today. I want us to remember why we have a holiday known as Independence Day. That is means more than just Bar-B-Que, Fireworks and a long weekend. It means because many have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we have the freedoms we enjoy. 

   As Billy Ray Cyrus sang in his song- “Some gave all while all gave some.” Think about it . Think about what it means.    

 Both Sherri and I have family who serve. I am sure most of you do as well. Sherri has a son who is a Marine and I have a brother who is over in Afganistan as a contractor embedded with the Marines. He puts the tanks and HVs back together after then are blown up so they can be used again. I have a nephew who is now with special forces. He will soon be leaving his young wife and she will not know where he is or what he is doing for four months at a time.   

  I want to take this whole next week and see just how many names we can put on this blog. I will be writing a different blog all week – however I will keep coming back to this one.

  I come from a family of military men. I have family who has fought or served in wars all the way back to the revoluntary war. I am proud of them. I am proud to say they served.

 Without those men and women we would not have this great country .We would still be under English rule or even maybe some other ruler. Without those who served we wouldl not enjoy the freedoms we have nor the ability to be the great nation we are. While we might not agree on all the political issues or the reasons, excuses or retoric we should believe in our service men and women.

  They all have volunteered to put their life in harms way. They all knew when they joined, that they joined to become a solider first. That meant knowing how to kill or maybe even be killed or maimed. I am very proud of these men and women. I am very thankful they are who they are and that they do what they do. They are the reason we can sleep at night without the fear of being awoken and dragged off to a prison or firing squad simply because we wear the wrong color dress or don’t cover our faces or disagree with the government.

   I am honored to know so many of them personally. I am saddened that in the course of their serving many have lost their lives. They paid the ultimate price for us. I am humbled that they loved us as Americans so much they were willing to pay that price.

      During this entire week and those which follow let all of us remember. Let us never forget. To ensure that we don’t forget I would like to see all who are friends here tell three people who will tell three people on and on to add themselves to this site and do a roll call. Every day add a name of a service man or woman to this blog. It doesn’t matter if they are still with us- still serving or currently serving. I will then start a new blog and also a bulletin with all the names.

    Let’s start giving back. Let’s start paying it forward. Let’s start letting our service men and women know we care. You have no idea how many of them read our blogs- know we are out there- need our support. Let’s stand tall, be proud – show them they are not forgotten. Show them we support and believe in them even if you don’t believe in the war. Believe in them. Step up to the plate and take a stand they have. They are the good guys. They are ours!!!!!!!!

Roll Call

John Robinson (Contractor)

Ryan (My nephew)

Cory Tyler (Deseased)

Bart Burton        

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  1. Justin Sorrow said,

    Hi aunt Yvonne its justin.This was a great idea.I enjoyed reading it. I feel that our men and women in the armed forces don’t get enough gratitude. It’s like you said they put their lives at risk just so we are able to have freedoms that we are so accustomed to. We owe them everything yet they get soo little.Our men and women over seas are far braver than most of us here. I feel horrible for all of their families but I also thank them for bestowing them with such a great sense of honor,integrity,and charachter. I thank the soldiers for all that they are doing for us.I may not know them and they may not know me but I respect each and everyone of them. One thing that helps me to even feel a little of what hundreads and hundreads of families are going through is that i have a friend that just got out of basic training and he is only 18 years old and his name is Bradley Sarno private first class E4.He is like an older brother.So to all the men and women on and off active duty thank you for all of your sacrifices.I will always support all of you.

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