Salute to Those Who Serve

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Even though we are a few days away from the Holiday known as the 4th of July, I wanted to do this article today. I want us to remember why we have a holiday known as Independence Day. That is means more than just Bar-B-Que, Fireworks and a long weekend. It means because many have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we have the freedoms we enjoy. 

   As Billy Ray Cyrus sang in his song- “Some gave all while all gave some.” Think about it . Think about what it means.    

 Both Sherri and I have family who serve. I am sure most of you do as well. Sherri has a son who is a Marine and I have a brother who is over in Afganistan as a contractor embedded with the Marines. He puts the tanks and HVs back together after then are blown up so they can be used again. I have a nephew who is now with special forces. He will soon be leaving his young wife and she will not know where he is or what he is doing for four months at a time.   

  I want to take this whole next week and see just how many names we can put on this blog. I will be writing a different blog all week – however I will keep coming back to this one.

  I come from a family of military men. I have family who has fought or served in wars all the way back to the revoluntary war. I am proud of them. I am proud to say they served.

 Without those men and women we would not have this great country .We would still be under English rule or even maybe some other ruler. Without those who served we wouldl not enjoy the freedoms we have nor the ability to be the great nation we are. While we might not agree on all the political issues or the reasons, excuses or retoric we should believe in our service men and women.

  They all have volunteered to put their life in harms way. They all knew when they joined, that they joined to become a solider first. That meant knowing how to kill or maybe even be killed or maimed. I am very proud of these men and women. I am very thankful they are who they are and that they do what they do. They are the reason we can sleep at night without the fear of being awoken and dragged off to a prison or firing squad simply because we wear the wrong color dress or don’t cover our faces or disagree with the government.

   I am honored to know so many of them personally. I am saddened that in the course of their serving many have lost their lives. They paid the ultimate price for us. I am humbled that they loved us as Americans so much they were willing to pay that price.

      During this entire week and those which follow let all of us remember. Let us never forget. To ensure that we don’t forget I would like to see all who are friends here tell three people who will tell three people on and on to add themselves to this site and do a roll call. Every day add a name of a service man or woman to this blog. It doesn’t matter if they are still with us- still serving or currently serving. I will then start a new blog and also a bulletin with all the names.

    Let’s start giving back. Let’s start paying it forward. Let’s start letting our service men and women know we care. You have no idea how many of them read our blogs- know we are out there- need our support. Let’s stand tall, be proud – show them they are not forgotten. Show them we support and believe in them even if you don’t believe in the war. Believe in them. Step up to the plate and take a stand they have. They are the good guys. They are ours!!!!!!!!

Roll Call

John Robinson (Contractor)

Ryan (My nephew)

Cory Tyler (Deseased)

Bart Burton        

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Freedom. We spout that word every day. Protesters march with signs in their hands screaming freedom this and freedom that. We listen to politicians talk about opression and how we must have freedom from whatever platform they are standing on at the moment.

    We listen to people shout Freedom for no reason except they can’t have their own way.

    What is freedom? Does anyone stop to think about what the word actually means?  

 Webster defines freedom as the power or condtiton of acting without compulsion the moderate absence of restraint the power to choose.

    Now let’s just look at the freedoms we have and why we have them.

  When America was under British rule, She had to follow British law. She was taxed with no representation. People were unfairly burdened with laws they could not keep. They could not speak out against the government if they disagreed with the king, if they did they were killed as traitors. If someone protested he was hung.

    They had no voice in how America was run as a government. They were bound or enslaved by another country. It had nothing to do with race or religon- it had to be with the lack of freedom.

   Religon was bound by English rule. If one wanted to worship different one was labed as a witch or something even worse. Men, women and children were killed all in the name of religon.

   Now, I know you are saying why is she writing this today? That is a very good question. One which I am going to answer right now.

     Freedom. It just sort of rolls off the tongue and slides into the air. It has a nice ring to it. I like freedom. I like being able to sit a my computer and type what ever I want to send it out to cyber space and know that the secret police will not knock one my door or break down my door. ( Well, only if I do things that are against the law) Anyway, I have that freedom to sit here and talk to all of you about the feedoms we enjoy because some gave all and all gave some.

    Because of the war of Independence we have the freedom to go where ever we please, carry weapons if we have the proper permit, defend our family and our homes, worship or not worship as we see fit. We have the freedom to  protest about anything from a hangnail to executions of criminals.   

   Vote for the person of our choosing, voice our opinion withour fear of reprisal. Wear what we choose. We as women have the freedom to go out in public without our faces covered and without wearing clothes to the ground. We have the freedom to be seen in the company of men other than our husbands brothers, or fathers. We have the freedom to come and go as we please, to hold jobs, to stay single, to travel alone. Because some gave all and all gave some we have the freedom as women to hold public office, to be able to have our voices heard in print. To be able to debate issues and voice our opinions.

       Men because some gave all and all gave some you have freedoms that you might not have had. You have the freedom to move about without fear of jail or illegal murder, the freedom to marry or live with the person of your choosing not someone who has been picked out for you. You have the freedom to run for office without someone telling you what your platform is. You have the ability to be employed at any job you feel you can work. You have the freedom to write and speak out on any issue without fear of being killed.

    That is not all we have the freedom to have as many or few children as we want. We have the freedom to assembly without fear of presecution. We have the freedom to protest if we disagree. We have the freedom to live lifestyles which in other countries would get us killed in the public square.

 We have the freedom to a fair trial by a jury of our peers. We have the freedom to a public defender if we can’t afford one. We have the freedom to appeal the decision if we think it is wrong.

   We have the freedom to watch or listen to what ever we choose in movies, music and religon.

   We have the freedom to have what ever friendships we choose to have. We don’t have to align oursleves with others because we fear apprisals if we don’t.

   We have the freedom to vote for who we choose knowing that vote will count.

   You say- Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know we have all of this. We have had it for over two hundred years. So What.

   My answer to that is this. The So What is that we have those freedoms because there are men and women willing to continue to put themsleves in harms way on what ever foreign soil or domestic soil they need to step down on to proctect those freedoms. Most of us have forgotten those who died on 9/11 those who gave all on the plane as it went down so that it would not kill more.

   It is like having a child we tend to forget the pain as time fades. Well, my friends. I haven’t I see it every day. I see it in the faces, dedication and unshelfish acts of our service men and women – I see it in their determination that we will continue to have those freedoms which we all take for granted. I see it in their belief that they are doing a good thing.   

 I write about Freedom today because it is five days before Independence Day. I said that all this week I would be writing blogs about why we have Independence Day. This is one of the reasons. Our Freedom.  Such a beautiful word. Believe me, if you don’t think we are the greatest county in the world, just ask someone who has left a country where there are no personal freedoms.

   Not only are they opppresed. But they are poor in body, mind , spirit and in finance. That is how they are ruled. So my friends the next time you see a solider, thank him or her. Shake their hand or hug their neck. Smile and show them you care. The next time you see a Vet. Shake his hand and hug him even harder. The next time you see a wounded vet, take the time to let him or her know that you know and are proud that they gave all. The next time you hear of a family who has lost a solider send them a note even if you don’t know them, find the address- it isn’t hard. Let the know that you know that solider gave all.

 They did it for Freedom. That beautiful word that once is gone almost is never re-gained again. Please don’t take our freedom for granted. Don’t fool yourself into believing it is our undeniable right. It isn’t – It is a gift. One that a very high price has been and will be continued to be paid. That price si the price of a life. There is a passage which says, “No greater love hath a man then when he lay down his life for a friend.” My friends, that is what our soliders gladly do for all of us. They put their lives in harm’s way gladly so we can have our FREEDOM!!!!!!

  Please send me all the names of soliders you know I don’t care if they go back to the War of Independence I will put all of them on the roll call on Friday Morning.

Yvonne Mason, Author

Stan’s Story, A Touch of Love

Tangled Minds

Brilliant Insanity soon to be released

Silent Scream soon to be released. 

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It’s Coming

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From: Author, Deborah Simpson
Date: Jan 26, 2008 12:04 PM

Brilliant Insanity” is an unprecedented voyage through the demented mind of mass murderer, Marion Lewis Reinhart. Who is Reinhart? What is Reinhart? Yvonne Mason draws you into a world of suspense and harrowing sadism interjecting lucid illustrations and stark, chilling portrayals. However, Mason leaves no stone unturned as she delicately weaves in the budding romance between Mandy and Allen. With her book, “Brilliant Insanity,” Mason has proved herself to be an indelible author. – Deborah Simpson, Author of “Chronicles of a Sage: Spiritual Revelations via Canto” –

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Run don’t Walk

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Run don’t walk- don’t pass go and don’t collect $200.00- well okay stop and collect the $200.00- you will need it.

   Stop what you are doing get up from your chair and go get your calendar. Get a pen and write on the day July 3rd 7PM- That is the day you will get to hear me live on Sedona Talk Radio hosted by Louise Aveni.

     Not only will I be bragging (yes humble me said bragging) about my hero- my new releases by the ever popular and wonderful Triad Publishing Group and their release dates and my other life. If you miss it you will miss learning about all the things you wanted to know but didn’t- all  the things you thought you knew but maybe didn’t and many things that will suprise awe and amaze you. So don’t wait stop what you are doing- post it on the calendar, tattoo it on your hand, paste it on the fridge, grease paint it on the bathroom mirror. I know if you join us you will have a great time and you will finally learn about the creator of Tangled Minds.   

   The show airs from 7:00-8:00 PM EST.


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